Can't sleep day 14

Oh well day 14 today and it’s now 4am been away since 3am …still focused but what do u do when u still feel like shite and u just can’t sleep…on a positive though at least I won’t be getting up with a hangover it just feels like a hangover


I know for me it was my caffeine intake. I was drinking cups of coffee at 8 pm meetings and wondering why I couldn’t sleep later that night :thinking::roll_eyes:


Cheers Gabe well I am having a cuppa tea now as I may as well …how long you been off it pal? It is getting easier but it is weird as your body heals isn’t it ? I am either asleep in a coma or like a rabbit in headlights

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It’s a trip man. We beat the hell out of ourselves and still can heal. I’ve been in recovery for like 21 months. But like they say, all that matters is today. And unless I sleepwalk to a bar tonight, I’ll finish another day sober.

I’m glad you’re here drinking tea with us pal. It gets easier. It gets better.


Cheers matey…it’s good to know there are people here to check-in with gonna try and get some sleep now and celebrate waking up to 2weeks sober


Hey! I know how your feeling. It does get better. Though I am here at 05.30 and been awake for an hour. Got a headache as well this morning,but they are getting less and less now.
I tend to read my kindle. It usually send me straight back to sleep. Better than lying there with shit going round and round in my head.

Hi @Jonflpool. Have you tried a relaxation app? That or reading works for me usually.
Stay strong.

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It’s getter better! I think my sleep improved after 2 or 3 weeks. I took melatonin supplements and it helped me. Maybe it’s worth a try.
I also used CBD oil, but maybe it’s not legal in your country.
Wish you well! :+1:

I took unisom for my first week, helped me a lot.

It gets easier to fall asleep, I go to sleep before 10 now.

Only time I have a hard time sleeping is when I am resentful or angry at something and I let it knaw on me. Prayer helps a lot with that one.

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Sobriety has turned my mind on full power and some nights it’s hard to sleep from all the thinking and revisiting my past.

Less caffeine, reading, exercise (simple as walking the dog for an hour), meditation, slow breathing exercises laying in bed has helped too.

Congratulation on 2 weeks! Stay strong :slight_smile:

Lifetime insomniac here. One of the reasons my drinking got out of hand. Even the prescription medications stops working for me after a few days, instead giving me further insomnia. An adverse effect. At the end, when I got sober I gave up on the idea that I will get sleep and binged on Netflix. I already was watching tv to fall asleep but when you are sober your mind needs to be occupied. I love documentaries. While watching documentaries I realized that a few narrators tone of voice puts me to sleep. Now I have a playlist on youtube that puts me to sleep. Just a suggestion. Sweet dreams.