Can't sleep zZZZ

Been tossing and turning last few nights. Anyone else?

That’s hard I know. It’s 7:20 in the morning overhere, so no sleeping fore me too (living in the Netherlands).
But in times when I have slept bad I tried to read something in bed to set my mind on something different. Or try to imagine something nice. Like going on vacation somewere and thinking about were to go to and what to do and see.
I wish you luck.
If you’re in the beginning of sobriaty sleeping is hard the first weeks. Melatonin supplements has helped me in that period. Maybe an idea?

Well good morning too you. Lol its 10:30 PM here.
Yeah that’s what I’ve been trying to do, but I get too over excited. And that’s why I was put on anxiety and deperession medication ! Doctors tell not to touch Melatonin because it doesn’t work for me and I’ve tried it tons of times. I am 72 days of sobriety.

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Aha! Right no melatonin for you then! Is valerian allowed?
I have the app "insight timer on my phone. It’s a free meditation app. It has also guided sleep meditations. It’s very good! Maybe it’s worth a try?

Just woken in the UK after a terrible nights ‘sleep’. Tossing and turning, racing heart - I thought I’d left all that behind me when I stopped the abuse!!!

I sometimes find that listening to an audiobook or podcast helps me drift off, but not taking meds, because want to achieve my sobriety ‘substance free”.

When you find the answer, let me know :blush:

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A good walk before bed time ,i used to drink hot milk

If I may ask, what meds are you on and what time do you take them? I’ve been on and off a lot of meds because I’m very sensitive to the side effects. Melatonin gives me wicked dreams that become night terrors after a few days, so yeah, no. So 99% of sleep aids are off the table for that same reason.