CBD and addiction

Hi everyone, has anyone ever tried CBD (cannabidiol) on his journey back to sobriety? I have just read an article and it sounds like it could be really a great help. Here is the link to the article: https://medium.com/cbd-origin/study-finds-using-cbd-for-addiction-helps-prevent-relapses-d327513a859d
I will give it a try and keep you up to date.
Anyone with experience please write a comment below. Anything on how to dose, content and frequency such as other thoughts would be interestesting!


I’m trying it out- not noticing much difference though tbh

CBD helps me a lot. For me however, i need a high dose of 300mg or more in order to feel any of the calming effects.

I use it in my vape as well as a 500mg topical cream on my back. Its also available in gummies, candy, tincture ect.

I strongly believe in the medical benefits in cannabis in general. I would tread cautiously if you decide to go that route however.


@DarrenUK The problem is the cbd we get here in the UK is pretty naff, very low in comparison to everywhere else. It won’t be until next month when the NHS will be allowing doctors to prescribe it, will be of a higher level & better grade!

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