Challenges During Detox



For many, the thrill of getting high, or even the ability to get high starts to go away real quick. It typically starts off with a prescription, a social activity, or a bad group of friends. As the days turn to weeks, frequency and dosing increase as you unknowingly begin to develop a physical dependency. Then one day you don’t use and your wondering what the heck is wrong with me then it clicks. Withdraws. Your hooked. As ridiculous as it may sound, getting to that point is easier than thought and becoming more and more common. Pills are everywhere, and heroin is comparably dirt cheap as one norco can be as much as 5 bucks, yet a dime of heroin is roughly the equivalent of 3-5 norcos so moving on to the cheaper, stronger alternative is typical.

So now you have maintain appearances around friends and family, at work, and everything else between waking up in the morning and going to bed at night. Using becomes routine all while you know you shouldn’t be doing it and trying to figure out how to get out of this mess. You tell yourself you’ll ween off, while every attempt fails. You tell yourself this is the last time. Then you start going through withdraws and you crack again.

As time progresses, strains on relationships takes it toll. Communicating the challenges associated with detoxing are near impossible to explain to those whom have not experienced opiate physical dependency. The aches and pains in your bones, muscles and joints. The unbarable levels of anxiety. The cramps, nausea, and diarrhea. The cold sweats and goosebumps, Sensitivity of the skin even to the slightest touch. Muscle spasms and restless legs. The constant sneezing and runny yet stuffy nose.

The reality of all this is far worse than can be put into words. Seconds feel like hours. Sleeping is completely out of the question. Emotions run rampant.

How can you communicate the struggles of trying to detox with the ones closest to you. Explaining the affect potency differences in street drugs that make tapering challenging. But most of all explaining how much you appreciate and love them.

Any tips, remedies, or suggestions for making opiate detox a little more bearable.

Thank you guys and good luck on your journey to sobriety.


Is your plan to do this cold turkey? It is possible but normally too servere that many will relapse again or give up… Have you thought about going to rehab so they can monitor u and give u medication to make it easier. Chances of someone beating the wd at home with no rehab is low. Naturally you will want to drink plenty of water,vitamin supplement, maybe a probiotic and OTC restless leg meds. just watch tv and chill the first week is gonna be a rough one… Goodluck


Well as difficult as it was, I was able to taper down significantly from about half a gram a day to about 1/5th of that but yes. It’s still horrid. I don’t have healthcare and I gave a program called Teen Challenge a try but the expired food they would serve or the bedbug infested beds made an at home detox more appealing but yes, much more challenging. I appreciate the help.


Ouch, this hits close to home. Very well put too. Do your close ones know you are using? If so, you might have more treatment options available. As someone who has only detoxed at home (currently in the process), I can give you advice on how to do that.
-Forget everything else. You probably have to put some things on hold until you get better. Don’t stress about that, it’s only going to put more pressure on you and tempt you to use. Most other things can wait.
-Stock up on whatever you need for at least a week or as long as you know you won’t be able to go outside: food, toilet paper, vomit bucket, keep things close to bed in case you can’t get up, plenty of water to stay hydrated.
-Vitamins/electrolytes/replacements for whatever you lose during detox. I have magnesium and sports drinks close by. If the runs get too bad, take Imodium.
-Hot showers and baths are your best friends. That’s when you get the most relief, but it won’t last too long. Take as needed.
-Don’t neglect personal hygiene too much of possible and try to keep some cleanliness around the house. You’ll feel more productive and have less work to do when you get better.
-Cut off any access to drugs to the greatest extent possible. Delete contacts, don’t keep drugs or paraphernalia at home.
-Have something to keep your brain distracted: TV shows, books, podcasts, music, games, etc. Talk to people when you get urges to use or get lonely. It might help prevent a relapse. Post here if you don’t have anyone to talk to in person or on the phone.
-Try to get fresh air and sunlight when you’re ready. Exercising seems impossible at first, but give it a try if you feel well enough.

Like I said, you may have other options like a medical detox or someone to take care of you. After you get clean, you can go to NA/AA meetings for support, maybe go on a suboxone program if you think you can’t stay sober.

Most of us have to go through the whole cycle multiple times until we decide we’ve had enough and want to give it up for good more than we want to keep using. Think of the things you CAN do when you quit that you aren’t able to when you are using. I thought about how I could travel without being kept on a short leash by dope, how I could get back into sports, how I wouldn’t have to worry about whether I have enough dope left, where to get the next hit, no more waiting for hours for dealers. It’s so much more freeing. Good luck to you.


If you dont have healthcare or make any income. Many state programs will atleast give u a iop program to attend free. Usually getting you into a clinic. I dont know if you have used methadose or suboxone but they will offer both or i feel the best option to look into is the vivitrol shot. Ask the doctor to taper you down each week if using subs or methadone. Be up front that you dont want to use this as a bandaid that when ripped away hurtz still. It will help with the comfort and as u lower doses you will notice just not as much as if u stopped all together. The point is to lower your tolerance. You would be suprised how strong 1mg of suboxone is yet as an addict its nothing.


I detox at home cold Turkey and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But I did it and I’m almost 90day sober and I’m so proud of myself. Dont just deleted your drug dealer’s number but block it from your phone so they can’t call you. My dealer was blowing up my phone and it was so hard not to pick up or respond to the txt especially when I was offered free drugs. But I stayed strong I kept telling myself that I didnt want that life . So block everyone that you do / get drugs from. You are stronger then you think you can do this, if your ready to put in the work it’s not an easy thing to do. But it is possible, you can do it . Like everyone else said stock up on everything that you need because your not gonna want to leave the house. Is there anyone that can come and help you ? Because you are gonna be very weak physically and mentally. I kept think in that first week was I could just go grab and I will feel better but I stayed strong and I fought back and I fought hard . Coming on here helps a lot. Everyone is very helpful and understanding on judgment here. After your done with the withdrawals I would find an NA or AA meetings to go to . To help keep you sober, this forum helps a lot but it’s way different to have a face to face interactions. You see that your not alone and you get to hear everyone’s stories about how they destroyed there life and then was able to get sober and pick up all the broken pieces and put them back together. So hang in there you got this.