Checking day 4

Last night was rough from alcohol relapse…no sleep, negative thoughts of unworthiness and self-harm. Trying to heal trust issues and self-love. Still sober though.


Keep at it, one day at a time. Don’t stress yourself out by looking forward too much and concerning yourself with future sober days.

My sleep has been pretty bad since I stopped drinking, even with the help of melatonin, but I always think to myself that it’s much better to be a little tired than to be tired and hungover.

The other negative feelings should slowly dissipate as you have more sober days under your belt. In my case, after a few weeks without alcohol my anxiety and stress was less than half of what it was when I was drinking.

Just stick with it and you’ll be feeling better in no time :slightly_smiling_face:


I am on day 4 too. proud of myself so far.