Checking in for the new month

send prayers, send love
I got the rug pulled out from under me and was kicked out of a supposed to be friends home because I chose my happiness over theirs
I tried my best to keep the peace and on my end I did!
Thankfully my mom has allowed me to move back in and my entire family has my back
But certainly could use whatever positive force believed

Still standing, I have a roof over my head and my sobriety :heart_on_fire:


Hiii to all you lovely warriors out there, this week was my first week at my new job and I’m so dang proud of myself ;
I’m proud because I didn’t give up on myself and I didn’t quit searching for a job that fit me and my needs sure no place is perfect heck I’m realizing nothing and no one is perfect which great because geezz imagine a perfect world :sweat_smile: lol I can’t even imagine that!

Anyhow it’s been sooooo sooooo long since I stayed with a job sure there is little issues but nothing of importance because I’m thankful to have a job with pretty decent coworkers a small crew might I add and guaranteed weekends off :raised_hands:t6:sooo thankful this holiday season for my sobriety ,my family, the friends I do have, and my job​:smiling_face:

Happy holidays,Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate !!:sparkles: oh and I’m greatful for Candy Crush I’m obsessed atp :sweat_smile:lol


Merry Christmas my friend!! Congratulations on the job!! Wishing you a beautiful sober and healthy new year!! :sparkles: :heart::people_hugging:


Merry Christmas :mrs_claus:t6: and thank you :smiling_face::smiling_face::smiling_face::smiling_face: I hope you have a sober and healthy one as well!!!🫶🏿


Congratulations on a new job! Fresh starts can be so wonderful. And Merry Christmas to you too!


Thank youuuuu I’m so thankful to have a job and Merry Christmas to you :smiling_face::christmas_tree:

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I’m trying to do my best, and I have no one I really trust to relay these feelings but I decided to call in once, no issues from my job but the person I’m staying with has an issue with it?! And then throws it in my face that I wouldn’t call in

Keep in mind were both adults aside my feelings my knee has been given me issues, I almost fell partially from work,and I’m yelled at by another grown adult whose much older then me !?? Am I problem

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Nope, you are not a problem! Nobody has the right to yell at you. This calls for a strict boundary in my opinion and clear words adressed to this person to mind their own business and shut up. Sometimes I wonder how people develop their ideas of what to stick their nose in … Do what feels right for you.

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Thanks it really bothered me like I kinda feel indebted to this person because I was taken in when I wasn’t able to afford to be on my own anymore and I’m making progress, it just struck me as silly to be questioned over missing a day of work… 2 weeks straight not a day missed but today my body my knee as mentioned had me in shambles and usually I would’ve worked hours on no sleep and he insisted I needed the money?!! Like okay??:upside_down_face::woman_facepalming:t6:

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Stay present and very close to yourself. It’s fine to be grateful for help. But no human is indebted to another human, that would be the contrary of free will of giving and taking. Take your steps day by day, be authentic, do your best whatever it is for the day. That’s enough. ODAAT reminds us to focus on what we CAN do and to be kind to ourselfs. Focus on yourself and your recovery, others are not your business and must respect your boundaries.
Wishing you well and hope the pain eases soon :people_hugging:


Thanks for the wise and kind words you’re so appreciated💜

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Just the start of the year but curious how anyone felt when they came up on 2 yrs sober and or clean or just whatever you resonate with if at all and if any new feelings arose at that time !!!

This new year in August it will be 2 years since I had touched my d.o.c alc and I’ve had many feelings since my full year,cravings have been right in my face, temptations,and ofc it would’ve easier to deal with my feelings in that way but I remember how I felt so broken on day 1 and soon I’ll be starting therapy to stay on track but I digress just curious if anyone understands or had any feelings to this extent!?