Cheer me up, just had to reset

I’m disappointed with my self, but I’m not gonna give up


Welcome. Putting an action plan in place will help you feel like you are moving forward. What have you done so far to stay sober? What extra could you do from now to recent future relapse?


I have been taking up writing again, and that’s helps a lot for me, because I get out my feelings that no one really cares about :woman_shrugging:t3:

I could’ve used more time for me and not always set others before me. Spending more time with people who want me to succeed an support me, rather than pushing me down again


Welcome to TS! This is a great community with lots of resources and support.


I am also on a reset and writing is a great idea to help express what you’re feeling and have a release. This community is amazing and is a plethora of love and knowledge and inspiration too! Let’s take it one day at a time, focus on why we stay sober and surround ourselves with those who push us to be our best selves. Best of luck to you friend :yellow_heart:


I’m on a reset too. Drank last night at friends home and threw up out the window while my husband drove us home. Now I’m laying in bed hating myself while my husband is washing his truck.
But self loathing is no use. The past is done and all we can work on is today and the future. I’m focusing on not drinking TODAY. We can do it.


Welcome, coming here saved my life.

What were you doing to keep sober? What happened?


First of all, a very warm welcome from all of us here in the community!

Hey man, it’s cool we all get it, it happens, most of us reset multiple times (myself 5) before it finally clicked. Maybe check and find out what triggered the relapse, sometimes certain times or places can trigger it, analyze what happened and set a game plan for the future. You can do this, the fact that you’re even here shows you’re making great steps towards a sober and ultimately happy life.

Don’t give up, you got this, and you got us. One day at a time.


It’s ok to reset. Resetting means you’re still around and able TO reset. So, now that you have, try a different approach. Sometimes the most cliche and obvious things are so cliche that it’s easy to overlook and ignore them.

What happened at the end there last time? If you wind up in the same spot again, what can you do differently? Sometimes a little morning and evening quick journaling, just immediate thoughts and feelings, can help you more accurately reflect on and recognize the failure points and keep you a little more even keeled.

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Spending time with the right people is one of my issues too. Although I do have some friends. All of them are supportive and caring. But some of them use drugs themselves (not my DOC alcohol) and generally don’t have their lives together. Not that I love them any less, but some of them are generally pessimistic, always down, never trying to change. I don’t judge them or care about them less, but I’m a naturally optimistic person and they really bring me down.

It’s better for my own mental health to spend time with people who are happy and generally have their lives together. That may be considered “selfish”, but in the sense that it is something I need for myself, it’s warranted. I heard a quote a long time ago that I’ve never forgotten. “How can one drowning man help another drowning man?”. Anyway, just thought I’d toss that out since I related to what you said. Even if that’s not the same situation as you’re in.

Last thing I’ll mention is that I’ve been in AA groups where everybody seemed pessimistic and miserable and nobody really connected and I’ve been in some where many had a lot of sober time and a few hosted other get togethers like sober bbq’s and everybody seemed a bit happier and more connected. So definitely consider ways to find people who are a good fit for optimistic, sober and supportive living.

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Not giving up is key!! You’ve got this. Just keep going.

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