Cheered me up!

I’m in a dark mood, and you guys cheered me up by being DARKER! Hahah, I am halfway joking. I just read the Fu*ing 12 Steps posted by @Elle, thank you for that laugh! And read the checking-in posts and find I am not the only one having a rough day! Let’s be sober as hell back at this day today!!!

I sometimes feel all alone with having a special needs child, and something that happened today just hit me like a rock leaving me feeling vulnerable and sad. I’m so glad to have this forum to come to. I don’t always have time to post a lot but try to keep up with everyone’s posts. Hugs


Aly! At the Safari Zoo.


I wish there was something I could say to help you feel better but often it’s just not that simple.

So I’m going to send you a big hug and let you know I am thinking of you! :heart: :sparkling_heart:

And some sunshine to help you through the day :sunny: :sunny:

I hope this helps a little :slight_smile:


I cannot find the 12 steps you refer to? If they are funny and not AA I have a friend who could really do with them, me to x

@wannabe, it’s under the “Memes” thread from today: Memes thread.

Aw, thanks @Zara! That is so nice of you. Sending you some sunshine back! :sunny:

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@Kareness such a cute picture!

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