Christianity and Pornography

Thanks for bringing your concerns to our attention. I will respond to you in a PM.


I have had theological training through a Christian college and served a mission for two years, studying scripture for 2+ hours per day and applying it through teaching for 11 more hours each day. I’d say the training I have in theology is perhaps on par with many who have degrees in it.

I can say that you’re experience in JW is not the experience of the majority of the Christian world.

Aside from that, being against masturbation isnt just a Christian based theory. There are many people on here that are literally addicted to Masturbation. It’s like me coming on to your thread and saying that red wine is healthy for people and you shouldnt stop drinking it. That would be ridiculous.

Lastly, I really feel like you should speak to someone. You seem a bit unhinged in all your posts. I’m not trying to offend you, but the photo you just posted is totally out of left field. You have just been acting freaking weird for the last several days.


Well I’m not sure when you posted this, but I thought I’d let you know that you’re not alone. You’re never alone, you have people who care for you, even if you can’t see it, or if it seems like the people around you don’t, just know that I care. My heart goes out to you and your struggles; I struggle as well in fact it was just yesterday for me that I failed to resist the temptation of pornography. But you’ve made it this far, no, WE’VE made it this far and the only way to go is forward. You’re never alone and even if all the people in the world seem to disappear know that God is by your side every step of your journey. I’m here for you, but more importantly, He is here for you too. Trust in God, get up, and move forward!


Hi Brennan

Thanks for reaching out and welcome.


I do belive, for the better part of my participation in this app, you may find that most people are here to help. To guide. Not to judge. This good Samaritan will share with you that this walk is not to be done alone. Each time you have that urge, just acknowledge it and deal with it by posting here or reaching out to an important friend in the same walk.
Being Catholic is also an internal struggle. We are faced with judgy self and judgy lay persons. Try to connect with other Catholic friends who know how to be descreet. My godfather helped me thru my addiction and he lives many miles from me. A Catholic his whole life and Being a great tike model helped me thru my urges

Youre still young. Stay strong and get away from that filth while you can. I was exposed at 8 and its ruined me. Dont be like that also. It wont lead anywhere good. Talk to anyone close that you can when you can. Dont let the ugly feelings inside push you apart from others. This is the worst plague on humanity, and its the hardest addiction to get away from. There will be stumbles along the way. But dont cave and spiral, the feeling of realisation after is always dark. Keeping that in mind can be a deterrent. Reaching out is good. Everyone i knew was deep into porn, its so common and everywhere these days it shouldnt be shocking to anyone to ask for help. Its just a slip in human curiosity that pulls you in. always have a hobby or activity to do when the urge hits. All of this is easy to say but theres hope.

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Hi, I am happy I found this forum. I am currently 32 and struggling with P/M. I haven’t been on PH for months but will watch YouTube videos that excite me and I will act out and relapse. I don’t know what to do. I am trying to draw closer to God tho when I do.

Thank you for the help.


Welcome and Keep your head high and maintain prayer. Also, spend some time on the forums here. Everyone is super helpful and encouraging, even if they aren’t struggling with the same addiction