Clean day today

Hello! I’m new to this site and new to being clean. This is my first day clean. Actually 12 hours clean. I have had time clean but never really long. I was wondering what helped you guys through withdrawals? I also would like to know what has kept you clean. Also any words of encouragment would be great. It’s going to be a long night.


Hey Raeann! Welcome to the forum. This is a great place to seek out advice and information.
Well done on making this decision you will not regret it.
It will be hard but if you dig deep and percivere you will find it will get easier as you get stronger.
Have you thought about how you are going to plan your sobriety?
There are a lot of tools to help. Have you thought about or know of any recovery meetings that you can use
Use the magnifying glass to search a topic. Or ask any questions. Someone will answer.


Yes I am going to call tomorrow and see if they have a outpatient program somewhere. I also have been to a lot of meetings around here which I plan on going to them. How did you get through the first couple days?

I shan’t sugar coat it Raeann, lovely name by the way, but determination is what got me through the first few days. That and not going anywhere.
I literally spent 4 days on the couch binging Netflix.
I dozed, hydrated and dozed more. Just have that one thing focused in your head. One minute, hour day at a time.
I found this app on my second day and read so many topics. There is a lot of advice and guidance on here. Reach out if it’s getting hard.
It does really work.
Just keep the reasons why you are doing this well and truly central in your head. Write it down if you have to.


Geo is right. I actually had to go to a mental hospital for 14 days and it was hell on earth. It’s hard to not give in to the urges but it’s definitely possible.
I’m in outpatient treatment and it has saved my life. I have a counselor and case manager. They help me find jobs, government programs, education and many other services you my need. They groups are awesome because I don’t feel judged or looked down upon. That was always a scary thing for me. Hope this helps.

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I am just checking in. I made it through the second day. Can’t sleep or eat but I will make it. I plan to go to a meeting as soon as I feel better. I’m just trying to stay busy and keep my mind off of it.


You’re on the right track. Keep it up. I know it sucks big time, but you can do this. Congrats on day 2!

Congrats Raeann. Go easy on yourself. The early days can be a bit tough. Just do what you have to do then give yourself some rest and relaxation.
Self care is so important.

Welcome, you have made the right choice

Thank you guys! I have made it through day 3. I didn’t sleep at all. Anxiety has been bad. How long have yall been clean?

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Well done Raeann. Keep going. It does get better.
I’ve got 11 months sober.

Well done @Raeann523

Thanks guys! Staring on day 4. I find myself really bored. Using took up a lot of my time. What are some good things to keep you busy?

That’s great on 11 months! @anon12657779

Thanks Raeann. It’s been hard work at times.

Yeah I bet it has! What has helped u the most? @anon12657779

Patience, determination, these wonderful people and the will to live.

What has helped the most?
This lot on here.
And acceptance.
I don’t think there has been a day I’ve not been on here since I signed on.
And I have totally accepted that I have no control over alcohol.

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I have accepted it too! It started out fun then got ugly quick. I made it through day 4. I know that’s not much but it’s been a long time since I have had 1 day clean. Still not sleeping good but no other withdrawal symptoms.

Don’t sell yourself short Raeann. Getting to the end of the day and going to bed sober is a big win. It doesn’t matter how many days have gone by really because we only have today.
Sleep can be a real problem early on. And can continue. I’ve had boughts of days where I either struggle to get to sleep or wake up at odd hours of the night.
It’s 3.30 am here. Just had to let a dog out now I’m wide awake.
Gonna be a hard day tomorrow/ today. Whatever.
The best thing I can say about early days is just take it easy on yourself. Don’t try and do too much if you are tired. If your body is saying " hey, I need downtime" take it.
Don’t worry about where you think you should be or what you think you should be doing.
Just listen to your inner self. Let it guide you.
You’ll be ok.

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