Clean time/maintenance meds

Do you consider yourself clean even if you’re on maintenance thru IOP? I am hesitant to get my 60 day keychain from my NA meeting since I’m taking maintenance medication and need opinions

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It all depends on how YOU feel, it’s your sobriety.


Its just a chip. If you plan to drop the maintance eventually and thats your real goal just start over again or dont take chips until you do…

Although I consider maintenance meds a sort of crutch, I also believe they are a necessary evil. It’s only for a little while and could possibly lead to death if you don’t take them. It’s a case by case discussion really. It seems like you feel like you might be cheating? Only you know that. If it keeps you from using and you’re not abusing it, you should be good. Sorry to sound hardcore about it but, that’s how I am and that’s what I needed. Keep in touch, and keep reaching out. :pray: :point_up:

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