Close to 5 years and I picked up

March 26th I had my ankle replaced. I am on temp disability from work. My Mom is suffering from dementia and I was staying with her. Between all the time on my hands, and moms condition, I said fuck it and picked up. Binder for 14 days. I stayed at a hotel so I could drink as much as I wanted. I was on a push scooter because of my ankle . So I’m wasted, with stitches, and a new ankle. Apparently something happened, I have no idea but I awoke on May,6 to the sheriff’s office beating on the door and escorting me out. I had a black eye, road rash and 3 broken ribs…no idea what happened. I either crashed on my scooter or got jumped. My wallet was gone too. I went directly to detox and start my IOP tomorrow. I hope my research helps someone. 12 days today. It kills me because June 14th would have been 5 years w/o a drink. My personal best so far. I’m looking into sober living as a possibility. My moms dementia is a lot for me. I re set clock today and hope this helps someone.


That’s some heavy shit, and a heavy price to pay.
Glad the self-funded research is over and you’re getting back at it.
Get all the help and support you can in coping with all life is throwing at you - these are big things and bloody difficult to do alone.
Wish you all the best.


Thank you. Def heavy.


I’m sorry this happened. I hope you get help, get back into recovery asap and also get support for dealing w your mum. All the best!


A lot has happened in a short period of time and it is a lot to deal with. I am sorry that you went through this. You do have the tools and the support – hope you are able to get back on track – Keep stacking up the days :hugs:

Hope you are healing well and wishing you strength on your recovery journey! :muscle:


Hey man, you’re still with us and I think you got another 5+ sober yrs ahead of ya. Remember the good feeling that comes with being sober and repeat. We keep it simple.
Don’t beat the shit out of yourself for too long, you’ll be apt to talk yourself into some dumb shit again.
You helped me today, sounds like it’s not any different than how I did my last stint out there. Thanks for checking that shit out for me.

Time for a meeting!


That’s a lot. I am glad you are here and sober today. I am real sorry about your Mom. Hope you can get some solid support for yourself and for your Mom. Wishing you strength and healing.


I’m still standing. Took Mom to the Dr. yesterday and they are pretty concerned. Ordered a boat load of tests. I started IOP last week. 17 days. Thank you for all the support and kind words. Y’all rock. :brown_heart:


I’m sorry to hear about your mom. Glad that you are able to be there for her and that you are also taking care of yourself. 17 days is great work Jack :hugs: :muscle:


Checking in on this post. 62 days without drink. Feeling great.


Great job! And helping an elderly parent can be very taxing. But just think, drinking won’t make it easier, in fact, it will make it far worse. By the way, Grateful Dead fan? Me too, keep up the good work!

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Great to see you checking in and with 2+ months. Love that you are feeling great… keep it up :muscle:t4:

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My heart goes out to you. Dealing with dementia is excruciatingly painful and a tough pill to swallow. I am glad you are getting the help needed and getting back in your feet. Time to process the grief, lost and whatever else is lurking. You made it thus far - just a hiccup on the road. You will get there again! I am happy you reached out.

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  1. Oxford House
  2. AA or other 12 Step Program.

IOP will be a waste of time unless you follow their instructions and stay in the 12 Step Program for life, not just until you don’t feel like it anymore.