Cocaine addiction relapse

Well where do I start had a major relapse this weekend of the back of drink and other things. Out of stupidity and drink i decided to smash my car into a wall at speed maybe a cry for help or I wanted to end my life!!! I have 3 beautiful boys who I still am unable to see and to be fair in my current state of mind wouldn’t want to but miss them massively.
I split with my wife 2 years ago now due to my addiction I am only just coming to terms with this. I don’t blame any of my problems on not seeing my children or the split of my wife these are truly things I needed to go through to find a higher path and new life. Luckily what I did didn’t hurt any body but the feelings of my family. This is now my past not my future and I am choosing to except this and let go of it as I think this is so important in getting better. I am ingaging with organisations within the UK to help me get back on track just thought I’d share my story. I am back to being sober and I am determined to stay this way
Much love shaun


Welcome back to sobriety Shaun. Glad no one was hurt in the accident. Finding and working a program as well as this app are the two major supports I have used since the day I quit. I also had to change the places I went, people I hung out with and my mindset about drinking. Education on the effects of alcohol was pivotal in my recovery. You can have a better life, one your boys and you can be proud of just by not drinking for today. One day at a time. The days will add up quick and it gets much easier.


Thanks Zoe means a lot so much support on here and out there hope you’re recovery is going well x

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Welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve been having a rough time in recovery. Stick around here. Share your full story with us. Read the threads. Theres a lot of advice and help you can find here.


Thanks mate and I sure will I will do my full story tomorrow :blush:


Look forward to it!

I’m three days into my sobriety. Not my first time either. Three days ago ended my week long cocaine binder. In that week I managed to completely destroy my life and almost loose the one person in my life who means everything to me. I got in with the wrong people and started selling it to support my habit. Ended up in the hole to my dealer. Got desperate started robbing people. Not just any people my fiance and my best friend. Who does that. Long story short my fiance came to my rescue and brought me home. So here I am picking up the pieces and taking control of my life.