Cocaine and your paycheck

So once before ive been clean going all the way up until i get paid. As soon as i get paid its like that’s when i really start craving cocaine and alcohol. It’s like the first thing I do is set money aside for me to get high then end up spending that then next thing you know i am in my bill money does anyone have any tips on how i can stay clean threw a pay week

Hi, Can you buy all the food you need, to last you the week/month till you get paid, and pay all your bills in advance? Or give someone you trust to hold your money?

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Yea that’s true its easy said then done. But I hope I’m able to…I usually would put money up leave the house then sneak back in and get get it i know shame on me😢

Oh that cocaine crave… I know it so well!

Try paying your bills first thing so the money is spent. Have a sober buddy sit with you the first weekend. Take a trip with the cocaine money so you can get sensory overload.

Buy something nice with it instead of the cocaine.

Its rough the first few weeks sometimes you just have to play candy crush for hours at a time.

Do anything just dont drink or use no matter what.

Remember how you feel the next day all the sleazy things you did when you were on it and all the dumb schemes you created that were just babble.

I promise you it goes away.


I SWEAR i never thought about it like that thats so true exspecially the sleazy and scheme out things i swear i never wanna go back to those days ever again that life style was just so dangerous


I know where u r coming from but I think u r better then me on this. I got a crappy part time job with low pay and memories of my past haunting me…which prompts me to get some coke. I would spend my entire paycheck on coke…be broke till my next pay, and once I have that id go buy more coke…then the cycle repeats. This would go for months. I lived at home with my parents so not much responsibility was there but I do have bills nonetheless. I’m still battling this urge each time I get paid.

How r u holding up these days. Any advice u could give