Cocaine cravings

Hey I’m having a lot of cocaine cravings right now. I think it’s because I’m feeling kinda depressed right now since I miss being able to go outside and drink with my friends. Any advice for dealing with feeling bored and sad because I can’t drink or see my friends for a while? I don’t have a problem with alcohol itself, like it’s not something I crave. I only ever drank socially and not that much. But it makes me crave cocaine too much hence why I’m choosing not to see my friends. I hope that one day I can drink with them again and not feel like I need cocaine.

I suppose I could technically just see them and simply not drink which I’ve done before many times. But even then, I need to stay home for a while to not spend so much money as I spent way too much on cocaine before choosing to quit several days ago.

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How much time have you spent reading around this community? There are so many interesting threads to check out, things that can distract you in the moments where you’re feeling urges or thoughts. I think you’ve gotten a lot of good feedback from others in posts you have made but what I’ll tell you is that in the early days I lived on here. I read everything. I engaged on threads that were of interest to me. I got to know some other people here. If you put some time in here and engage then you might have a similar opportunity to be a part of this community beyond a post. I remember not being able to sleep and just posted memes on the meme thread all night, or looking up posts from 3, 4 years ago and finding those golden nuggets of wisdom that really hit me, helped me. I also kind of blocked off the world around me for a little while and could forget about friends or troubles or worries by diving in here. That would be my suggestion.


Thanks, yeah I’m just gonna stay home tonight most likely and watch something or play a video game. My friend group are all wiped at the moment because they went out last night but I didn’t join them because I was busy with Cocaine Anonymous meetings and SMART Recovery meetings and seeing my sponsor. Maybe I’ll see them next weekend as long as I don’t drink, since it triggers massive cocaine cravings in me. :slight_smile:


We can check each other whenever you go out if you like?
I have the exact same issue. I’m taking a break from seeing friends but I know one day I will have to face it.


Yeah I’m down!! Hit me up next time you go out, I’ll ask you when you come back if you stayed sober or not and why :smiley: