Cold turkey and fetty

I am trying to quit fetty cold turkey starting literally now. I am finally at a place where I am able to go threw my withdrawal and have help with my son. It may sound bad but it’s life right now. Any dos and donts in this situation? To be honest I have withdrawn before but I have always done it in jail, never on my own like I’m doing now.


@blaPsplaT might have some solid advice on this.

I’m new to this and not sure exactly how it works. I could use all the advice I could get.


In jail it always seemed alot easier because usually your brain knows your not getting it. Even to stop smoking cigs you hardly crave. Maybe because your more alert with your surroundings and you know your not gonna get it while locked up. Usually u eat and try to sleep ur time away while locked down. So cravings may be alil more intense at home where u know its easier to score. Hopefully you made a plan to get vitamin supplements, probiotics or Imodium,maybe some OTC restless leg tablets,sleep aid. Just going to have to hunker down and prepare to feel like crap for usually a month atleast. while getting very little sleep at first. Take alot of showers and try to build a new healthy routine. Try to take care of yourself and relax during the detox and dont try to over do it. Dont put yourself in stressful situations at first that will just make cravings worse. Goodluck on your detox it may feel like hell now but it does get better.

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How much have you been taking daily?

Updates homie? I am 80 days off of fennie fake 30s now. At one point while I was selling I was smoking 10 to 15 of them a day. My route out has always been suboxone to taper. Depending on how much you have been doing going cold Turkey can be real fucked. Like real fucked. I mean all my heroin friends say subs work for them right away but when I come off fennies and sub correctly after 24 hours of no use I still have gnarly withdrawals for like 4 days. Let me know how you are. I know how hard it is. Nothing has ever gripped me like fentanyl.

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