Cold Turkey - Opiates

I have tried suboxone, methadone, tapering off, kratom, ect. to get clean from pain pills/heroin but have never been able to get sober. With suboxone and methadone I was still getting high as they are still actually pretty strong opiates and it really didn’t get me off opiates it just postponed the inevitable withdrawal. When I tried to just take less and less pain pills than I was using I was never able to take them in moderation, and kratom didn’t really help the withdrawals very much for me so I kept going back to pills and heroin. I just snorted 3 1/2 oxycodone and tommorow I am just going to go cold turkey and try to get off this garbage once and for all. Any advice or natural remedies to help withdrawal? It is both physically and mentally hell when your as addicted as I am. It’s so bad for me I get straight suicidal when I’m detoxing.


Been there before. …I never found cold turkey a good idea because of such a higher relapse rate. I think vivitrol would probably be a better option for you… but if you choose to cold turkey you should look up the thomas recipe. You want to stay hydrated and get vitamins. As for the sleep thats gonna take some time to get back. It took me almost 2months to get decent normal sleep. goodluck…


Relapsing, after relapsing, after relapsing, is a bigger Hell.
Stay Strong!
The withdrawal pains go away, dying doesn’t.
Hold Strong to the reason to are doing this.
Write it down because if you are anything like me, when the pains get bad/your mind is running, you will not remember why your reason was so important to quit/you will start talking yourself into the idea that you can still do your reason, even if you have a buzz on, in fact you would be happier that way/everyone would be, it is all lies, and you will see that after you come fully off your stuff.


Honestly, I’ve tried all sorts of different self detoxes and nothing really helped (I had a couple hundred dollars a day heroin habit over many years). The longest I ever cold turkeyed was a little over 4 days and it was still getting worse. I’m not trying to scare you, but it might be easier to come clean and go into rehab. First off, you probably aren’t hiding it as well as you think. We never do. They may not know what you’re doing, but they probably know you’re doing something. Secondly, like it’s been said the relapse rate is very high with self detoxing. Using opiates changes your brain chemistry to the point you’re always going to want them to some extent. It takes time to learn tools on how to deal with the cravings when they hit. I’m on vivitrol and swear by it. I get my 5th shot this week coming up. It really does stop the cravings, which is crucial in early sobriety.

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