Completed 2 weeks

Just completed my 2 weeks from cocaine and alcohol however ive never felt so low, down, depressed and lonely feel like ive lost everyone now ive gone clean, is this normal has anyone any advice?


Good job on 2 weeks. Your body is still getting back to original recipe, :smile:
Get through today as best you can. Your real friends will be there for you.


Well done on the 2 weeks, I found the first few weeks the hardest. All the thoughts about never drinking again or having a line is just the addictive voice trying to get you to carry on drinking. I am just over 100 days and it does get better but it’s not easy. I tried online meetings but it’s rehab and books that work for me.


Congrats on 2 weeks. Sometimes you will need to go through the low feeling to feel more better. It’s part of the rewiring process.
As bad as you feel now think of it as a good thing. It means your brain is rewiring and going through some change. If you didn’t feel low and bad it would mean you really were not that addicted.
This too shall pass and it will get better.
Thank the low feeling as hard as it is rightnow as it’s sign of changes happening.
Stay strong


Thanks for the message i appreciate it. Im just finding it very difficult i have no motivation to do anything ive booked a 2 week holiday with the girlfriend next week just so i dont relapse and let myself go, so hopefully that will give my head a bit of rest i feel so mentally drained

Thanks for the message appreciate it, and thank you. Wow 100 days very well done, so it does get easier? And any books you recommend? Cheers

Thanks for the message really appreciate it. Im not sure I have any real friends anymore, my ‘friends’ are all massive drinkers and users dont hear from them anymore, probably why i feel so alone its mentally draining me at the minute

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It’ll work itself out, you’ll see. Keep pushing, it’s so worth it! Stick around. :blush:

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Just keep your determination, you just have to make yourself do things sober and you will soon realise there are so many great things to do. I have started walking, did 10 miles last weekend. You just need to find something you enjoy and you should have no problems meeting new friends. Good luck.


I certainly will and thanks means a lot

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Thank you for hearing me out and taking your time to message me on here really means a lot