Completed my program



Completed my drug and alcohol group and now am almost 5 months sober this actually is really great, i was waiting to post till i completed it and i received a kechain that isnt givin out to all that completes it so im pretty pumped about that wont let me post pictures but soon enough i will thanks for all who listen


Hello! Welcome to the forum! Congrats on five months. It won’t be long before you can post pictures. Read and post often. Glad you’re here!


Welcome, and keep coming back!


Congrats to you on 5 months sober.


Hello and welcome here!
Congratulations with your 5 months!

Here a 5 month chip for you, but looking forward to see what you’ve got :+1:


Welcome and a huge congratulations!


Thank you so much


Wow that’s so great! Good on you boyfriend! Keep it going


Good work thus far, hope you keep on doing some kind of program. Addiction is a sneaky SOB and it will wait til your defenses have softened to strike.

Welcome to the forum, hope to see ya round a lot.