Compulsive behavior or thoughts

Hi, I relapsed today unfortunately! But I keep going and try to learn from each relapse.

I find out that I have Compulsive behavior or thoughts that lead me to relapse! I don’t want it but it’s if someone is chains me and there is no way back. But I rely but rely are finished with it.
And when I have the narcotic in my house, I lose!

Does anyone relate and do you have any suggestions to counter them?

Thanks for reading and your advice!

Keep going strong! May God lead and heal us to be come free from any addiction forever!


The compulsive behavior or thoughts are the insanity of addiction. What will you do this time to hold on to your sobriety longer?


Write down the thoughts and that they are false! And ask my self the question will I follow the devil or obey God by not using!

Thanks for your reply


I went to meetings did what i was told got a sponsor got on a 12 step program and worked the program into my life and my mind body and spirit became much healthier and my foundations were stronger had a good network round me and up to today ive had no reason to relapse. maybe try a meeting might help ,helped me wish you well


Thanks for your reply and advice! I actually did visit a meeting this morning! Intention to do that more, likewise people and I will search a sponsor en follow the 12 step program.

Great you are doing well!!! Keep it up!


Can you get rid of all the narcotics in your house? And not allow more?

And it sounds like you find meetings really helpful, so go to as many as you can.


Have all narcotics removed from your home and ban them. You deserve a safe place to recover. Meetings, sponsorship and the hard work required have helped me tremendously in my journey, I hope the same for you.


Amen to that Ray :pray:


Yess, I removed them! The advice is what I am gonna do with Gods help. Thanks all for your advice I appreciate :pray: