Concerning health problem

So physically I’m a female, but I identify as male. (Thats important information on this subject I guess) so while I know breast cancer in teens is very rare it can happen my doctor told me and I should be checking once a month. I haven’t done it every month just like randomly, but like I was checking yesterday night and found a big-ish jagged hard lump in my breast. I have been researching it all day today and it sounds like a tumor, they (a breast cancer awareness website) said that if it isn’t fluid or able to move then it is likely a tumor, didn’t say benign (non cancer) or cancerous but basically said it’s likely to be a tumor. And I’m having other symptoms of breast cancer too, so I’m really freaking out, there’s a real doctor I could go to at the school sometime this week or soon at least. Or I could just go to the regular nurse. I’d just feel super awkward talking about it to my mom I could wait until my next psychical at the doctor’s but I have no clue when that is and in the event I do have cancer I don’t want to wait any longer than a few months. I’m terrified right now what should I do?

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I am sorry to hear that and I know it is scary not knowing. I highly suggest you go to the doctors ASAP. Tell them you have found a lump and need to schedule a mammogram ASAP. They should be able to get you in quickly.

Please don’t wait. It will just drive you nuts and it is best to know what is going on (if anything). Please keep us posted. Sending hugs and strength and healthy positive vibes. :heart:


It is extremely rare to get breast cancer that young. But that doesn’t mean it is nothing. I had a lump at 25…it turned out to be too much caffeine and dense breasts.

Are you on any kind of hormone replacement? A sudden change in the The of hormones circulating could be Messi g with you.

But number 1 thing to do is call your doctor. They’ll probably get you in for an ultrasound.


Definitely get in to see your doctor. Best to get it checked right away no matter what it turns out to be. I know how scary this type of thing is but itll be worse if you dont go bc you wont have any peace of mind. I hope for the best you dear :heart:

It probably is a cyst. It scares the hell out of me multiple times. If it is a cyst it’s nothing to worry about, but to found out you have to go see a doctor.

Go check it out mate .please please go to your doctor’s today it could be nothing but best to get it checked out.x

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Just told my mom before bed last night and she’s getting an appointment set up.


Very wise choice… :100:

Very glad to hear this. :heart: