Conscious desire!

Well I’ve made it a week and feeling amazing! That is when I need to keep a tight program and conscious desire to keep being sober! I’ve been here many times and longest point of sobriety lasting 4 months. I’ve made a point to fill my schedule with activities to stay focused but know it’s just one day at a time and feeling great is when I typically reward myself with a drink. Not this time!! I personally don’t believe the term, we are powerless over alcohol. Power and desire are internal decisions and I decide to stay sober… :grinning:


However we do it buddy. Don’t matter on the words it’s the physical act of staying sober that counts.
And remembering why we are doing it when we start to feel good again.
Well done on the week.

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Congrats on the week!! That’s great and you know you can do 4 months so just keep going strong and don’t stop!

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Congratulations on 1 week sober!

I have done the same thing. I made it a few days sober this summer, then after spreading 7 tons of gravel came the “reward”. I’m done playing that game with myself. It’s not worth it.

Keep up the good work!

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