Constant fight against Pornography

Hello to all sisters and brothers fighting off their own addictions here, I wish you all the best luck!

I have tried lot of ways to curb my addiction to pornography and honestly, none of them was effective enough but I do not think that they were useless and even I could be more insistent on some of them to get the exact result which I was not able to. So, I have gathered a pinch of strategies in my head but I also know how much this addiction can be destructive in so many ways.

Contrary to what I have learned from nofap based sites, I can give out some concrete effects that porn gradually had on me. And it came to a point where I was in no way able to control neither the results of my actions nor my physchologically absurd and nonsense behaviours. I do not know how it reached to this spot but to be honest, it has all been gradually and I have been rather an impotent observer to this overwhelming process.

Yes, porn is so overwhelming that it can destroy your soul irreversibly and it can push you into such disgusting stuff that you could never imagine yourself doing. So it leaves much of shame on you and you feel devastated and desperate.

So I wanna start again, I have never given up and I never will… I hope that I will come up with some new plans to work on my addiction. Greetings for now.


Good for you. Dont give up the fight. There are so many things for people to get addicted to and fall victim to. I admire your desire to fight and overcome this. Stay strong and safe. Hoping the best for you. I’ll be on zoom Saturday morning for a meet and greet. Let me know if you are interested in a non formal meet and greet for a few minutes saturday morning. If so, I’ll send you the passcode to join in. Will keep it small.

Nice meeting you Çağatay, my name is Matt and I am also a recovering porn and masturbation addict. There are many here actually - probably 5-10 regulars and 20-30 occasional visitors - and you are a welcome member of the group.

You mentioned having visited nofap (I’ve visited as well) and read through some ideas there; have you found any other approaches as well?

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Keep strong buddy. I too have experienced some level of depravity with porn and jacking off.

Once I went for 40 hours.

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Thank you for the suppport Matt, nice to meet you, too.

On Nofap there are so many approaches that won’t probably work. People are making plans but they forget to add some determination into it. Some of the reasons are quite meaningless.

As for me, I have a few other uncontrollable behaviours additional to pornography and trying to hinder them all at once is a futile effort which I made out after years of experience. So for me, stopping mild ones before pornography could have been a good strategy and I was advancing but eventually that way did not work for me. So probably this time I am gonna especially work on pornography because when I cannot control it, all others are also deteriorating. People say that if we have not been aware of Nofap -which suggests that porn is harmful- we would not feel a deep remorse after relapsing. But this was not right. Because I discovered my addiction to porn even without knowing about, Nofap because I was not able to stop it for a few days and the categories I was viewing was becoming more and more disgusting just as a heavy addict will easily experince over time.

So the last trial was a good one but did not work, so I am gonna have another way to battle off pornography. And I just started my streak without a new strategy but I have experience and I have to control. People mostly believe that motivation does not last long, but as we re on a global level going through bitter times caused by coronavirus pandemia, I have no much way to fight, and I installed a motivator for the addiction. When I feel like giving up, I immeditely go to the app and remember the reason why I started…

Thank you, there are gonna be updates. Greetings)


@BPD hello friend.

Yes, the most harmful pattern of pornography is that you do not realise what you are becoming. So it is hard to get back the healthy mindset. But thanks to the brain’s neuroplacticity, we have the chance to rebalance everything. Frankly, I cannot be sure whether this fight will end at last or not because this is an instict innate and we will always have this addiction on some levels so I think this will be a lifetime war but Everything can get so much better than now. Thank you. Stay strong

Hello, thank you for the support brother and I am afraid that I am not gonna be available then but I promise I will join you the next time. Thank you for your understanding. Have a good day)

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Great! Looking forward to hearing more from you :innocent:

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No worries. Stay safe, stay positive and stay fighting.


Here again. I relapsed more than once but I do not care. So I am going to renew my fight.

I am kind of person who wants to list his goals instead of just keeping them in mind. So I want to leave here a concrete to do list and not to do list in order that I will remember them and I think so long as I am in this forum, I am going to use this thread to see my strategies, reasons, results.

My english is not perfect so I think I do not have enough vocabulary just like a Native speaker, So beforehand I want to say that I am going to be sorry for any mistakes I might do.

I do not want to fight off in a childish way which starts with a fervent motivation and ends up relapsing and bringing no gain to me.

So at first, I would like to list why I chose to wage a war against pornography, I think the list drags on but I am gonna give out foremost ones and maybe I will add new ones later.

1-) It affects my mental health quite negatively, like depression, hardly concencrating, poor memorizing, sudden and constant mood swings, leads to being irritating, and probably weakens my willpower and leaves me remorseful.

2-) it is morally evil for me,
I think I won’t go deep into this but I have a theological background as well as having a quite scientific viewpoint on this. So both suggests me that I have to give up on porn. Who wanna see his/her sister in such an obnoxious state?

3-) Life has lost all of its taste in my mouth gradually since I have met porn. So nothing gives the taste that PMO gives, so I want to regain my happiness again. I do not wanna recall those bitter college days again. I want to grow better, this is not how I am supposed to fight and live through.

4-) as you all know, it needs energy so giving all my energy to this consumes all of my willingness for the rest I have in my life. My sleep is irregular, feeding habit is bad, I am spending so much time with my phone because of this.

5-) So phychological troubles have emerged since I started to consume pornographic contents and the strongest ones are being skeptical and obsessed with things. So I do not wanna mention about the cathegories I viewed but it is not difficult to see those cathegories and wait to see the same in your life. There is a obvious proportion between them.

So here I want to clearly list what effects Pornograhy has on me:

1-) Anger
2-)poor concencration
3-) poor memorization
4-) obsession
5-) mood swings (the most important)
6-) irregular sleep
7-) longer use of tech. devices
:sunglasses: bad eating
9-)low self confident
10-) unhealthy relationships with strangers
11-) low self-care

So How can I beat pornography?

Maybe it is not all about pornography because it has been a complex matter of simultanous bad habits that caused this low life but in any case, I wanna conquer and get rid of them all step by step. I know that any addiction requires an intense attention and patience with it. To be hones I am mature enough when regarding how to beat it but it is all about the mind that you have in that state of craving and what strategies have you developed especially for that frame of time. So here, some simple precautions NOT TO easily fall into a craving trap.

1-) Getting rid of all the obscene images and videos I have on any device I am operating.
2-) using some blockers (which does not really work) but at least will give me a period of thinking over while unlocking them.
3-) keeping the gaze pure from all the stimulating stuff( in public or not)
4-) not spending more than two hours on my phone.
5-) I have to regain my habits( playing my instruments, writing some some essays, preparing for the oncoming exam for the job oppurtunity in the area of civil engineering , which is my major)
6-) stopping all social media for a while (Vkontakte, facebook, instagram and a few others)
7-) spending enough time outside ( do not worry I live in a village and people are far away from each other)
:sunglasses: sleeping early and waking up early
9-) starting workout

That is all for now I am sleepy)



Really??? Are you seriously telling these people this. They have an addiction. It’s like them telling you “Don’t smoke weed”. It’s not that easy, is it?


I’m also telling stick to tv shows and movies.
Just watch any tv shows and movies.
Why are you targeting me ?
You are insulting me.

It’s best say nothing here mate your not helping yourself

I’m not targeting you. I think your post was out of line on this thread. I’m going to mute you so no worries. Go about your way and have a nice evening.

Very well written and I can tell you put a lot of thought behind this. That in itself tells me you will beat this. Maybe not today or tomorrow or even next week or month. But the more you fight, the more you keep going, the less and less your addiction will have control. Thank you for sharing your struggles with me, with us. I am rooting for you friend. Pornography addiction isnt easy and one that most people are really scares to bring to the surface. I am proud of you and inspired by your courage. Stay safe and stay fighting.


It was just a positive advice .
Why are you so irritated ?

It was inappropriate mate

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How ?
I don’t think so.

Whatever I said.
It’s a good advice.

Please tell how

Like Lisa said it’s like telling you not to smoke weed but you addicted to it it so easy to stop