Continuing staying strong

I know yesterday I was hung up on the house next door instead of minding my own, she has been talking about leaving her husband for 2 months now and her car was packed full yesterday, im happy for her and hope she stays on the sober road.

Today is day 3 and being pregnant with a 6 month old and getting clean is pretty hard im finding im so irritable loose tempered and very sleepy…i wish I had support during the day so I can get the rest I need and so someone can tend to my baby.

Today i choose the center i want to go to but so far I don’t see any i really like but a privet one that costs 200 a day …ill keep looking i guess

Thank u everyone for ur support and incouraging words


Today is a new day and you’re doing it! Try to rest when the baby rests if you can. The wave of emotions is normal. . .try and talk them out if you can. Best of luck in choosing your center. You got this girl :hugs: