Conversations with god

I’ve been debating for a while whether I should ask, not sure why I’m so conflicted? Anyone read/reading /heard of these books? I’m into book 1 and can’t put it down… Im not religious at all, (s)he (the god) is against the organised religion anyway. I would like to have a discussion regarding these books. PM me or chat on here :slight_smile:

I’ll have to grab those books, I’ve been floating a more religious perspective. Perhaps, more spiritual…

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@JustL Is that with Neale Donald walsh? forgive the spelling of his name if it isn’t right? I haven’t read his books but a friend would send me quotes and I listened to some of his stuff on youtube. I’m not religious but I liked what I heard.

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  1. is it fiction or non fiction? @anon53189373
    The author claims he is communicating with god directly, he asks him/her questions and writes down the answers… It took me 2 weeks to pass first 10 pages as i really struggled with this concept… Maybe he is communicating with god, maybe he’s a fraud and pretends or maybe he has mental health issues, eitherway, the asnwers provided are frickin awesome! Whoever is answering is awesome.

I finished first book yesterday, questions were asked/answered were about sex, natural disasters, illneses, why we are here and what’s our purpose in life, there’s a small section why alcohol is so bad for us :), why our lives are shit sometimes etc etc

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Yes it is!
Let me know if you decide to Read, i think its one of those books I’ll be revisiting time and time again… If you’re not drawn to these books yet then wait until you’re ready… :slight_smile:

I have one of these books chillin on my book shelf. I bought it like 3 years ago with no context of the book. I’m having a feeling I might need to check it out.

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Books of this nature have been around for many years, e. g. “Seth Speaks, Edgar Cayce The Sleeping Prophet,” to name a few. Worth a look see.

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Could be trying to make a buck. Quite possibly true. However if you’re getting good from it I’m certainly with you.

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I would suggest you don’t read any of those books. Look into CCEF.Org/addictions… honestly God is the only one who can bring us to sobriety but like me I am taking my life into my own hands and now I feel like my 7 yrs sober is down the drain. I have nothing to be proud of anymore.

Yes I drank :pensive:


Okay, so you drank. Please tell me how it happened. We all mess up along the way. Beating yourself up is pointless but sharing is a great start toward recovery dear heart.

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Don’t you ever think that again! Nothing is down the drain except 1 little hiccup. Now your horse is champing at the bit waiting to be mounted. Question is…are you ready to ride?

I’m having a hard time giving it totally up but I finally fessed up to my family that I do have a drinking problem. I do not crave everyday but once I do like 2 times a week I binge till I black out. I get so depressed and I hate myself the next day. I used my pass from my therapist that it wasn’t alcoholism but I was self medicating during those 3 horrible years of my families life. I was diagnosed BiPolar 2. But I went to rehab, got stable on my meds without alcohol interruptions. I stayed sober 5 years easy until 2 years until I decided to drink socially. And I did good. But life got super stressful again and I found I craved it more.

My daughter said all she wanted from me is to admit it but I can’t stop. I had a tasting of wine at Olive Garden tonight and now a beer before bed.
I don’t know why it was so easy after rehab. Maybe because my kids were young but now are adults? Ok well thanks for listening. I am trying to be more open and admit I have a problem so it will make me more self conscious to drink socially. Idk…

Personally I think it doesn’t matters whether you see them as fact or fiction there some good stuff in them.