Copying links

When wanting to link a comment or thread, there is a handy Link button to fetch or share it. It pops up this little dialog:

The link is shown in static text, already highlighted for copying. Long tapping or right clicking the link should popup an option to copy it for pasting elsewhere.

(I do notice on Android you must click copy or one of the options to get the copy/past context menu to go away. Just hitting back leaves it floating.)

You can also hit New Topic to auto-fill a new forum topic with a link to where it started. Or… other sharing buttons. :v:


Whoops! Originally this was an Android bug fix request, but trying it now it actually works. :blush:

Editing post…

@Robin: Alright… nope! On Android 8.0 whether or not the context menu pops up when you long tap the link in the app seems hit or miss for me. It seems like it works the first time I enter a thread, then it doesn’t anymore. Usually long tapping the link does nothing and I have to dig it out other ways.

Halp? Just feeling silly now.

Me too! I have messaged @Robin about this before and it seems there is nothing that can be done. Which is a real shame as copying links seems like it should be a fairly basic forum function. But I’m not techy so what do I know :joy:

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Aw. For sure the Discourse folks can do some thing, @Robin?

For whatever reason, on my phone, the link shows up highlighted, as shown in your post, but long tapping doesn’t bring up the menu to copy the text like I would expect, so I can’t actually copy it from there. I have to (1) press “New Topic”, (2) copy the text from the body of the new topic, (3) cancel creating the new topic, (4) go back to the thread I want to post my link in, then finally (5) paste in the link. Between the inconvenience and phone slowness, I don’t bother linking at all when I’m on my phone, only when I’m at my computer.


Yep. That usually happens to me, too, hence the original (before editing) post. Except then I found edge cases where it weirdly works as expected and thought it was fixed. :confused:

That right there’s the workaround though, such as it is. :+1:


On my phone the link isn’t usually highlighted and I can’t highlight it. Very occasionally it pops up highlighted and then I can copy. I was using that work around you said but it started telling me I had to discard the post of was trying to insert the link into so you had to 1. Be organised enough to know what link you wanted to post and couldn’t just find something halfway through writing a response and 2. Limit to linking to one post. Just too clunky so stopped bothering!

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