Core issues week!

I am seemingly dealing with all of my core issues this week (and, no, I don’t mean pilates! :blush:).There is no way I am going to drink, but rather I now have a chance to confront these issues for the first time sober and it isn’t easy - we feel EVERYTHING when we don’t self-medicate. These are things that really challenge me, and I may need to reach out to my aa support system. It would be easier to go into hiding and comfort myself with old coping methods. I don’t know how I will react in walking through these things but I will soon find out. I know I m not being very specific here, because I don’t want people to propose a “fix”, and I’m not sure I could even express these things in a way that is relatable to others. I guess basically what I’m saying is: it isn’t easy to choose a better life in EVERY circumstance, but each day we can choose to be strong and sober! One day at a time. Today I choose sobriety. You?


Thanks @Oliverjava! While I, like most alcoholics, would drink for any reason at all back in “the day”, these issues are what would have driven me to my bottom in my negative thinking, also to drunken emailing and texting and ugly FB posts. Phew, I am glad to not have to deal with all the fall-out from that, at least!!!


Great post. I definitely used drinking to avoid some unresolved feelings. It can be hard for me too, to feel everything. But it’s a good kind of hard. Stay strong!

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