Corona virus

Are you afraid? Should we be? What are you doing?


Social distancing is a very important factor. Being in a panic state doesn’t do anything. Limit contact, avoid crowded areas, stay home regardless. I have chronic diseases and disabilities so I am already always at home. Be intuitive but don’t be rash. :wink:


I went out to my local town centre earlier today and it was just as busy as usual, of course we need to take extra precautions but some people seem to be taking it to the extreme. My NA meetings havn’t been cancelled which is a good thing! :+1::slightly_smiling_face:


I’m honestly not afraid, or worried. I’m staying calm. I know my immune system is stronger now from not slugging everyday so that’s a advantage already, I’m drinking juice cleansers, and just keeping my exercises steady. The more active you are and healthy you stay I think you will be ok. Just wash you’re hands frequently and disinfect you’re house. I work for the state as a house keeper, we house mentally challenged, and pedos. And everything is quaratined right now and many ppl are sick from the flu now. And I’m still not worried. I’m not sick and I’m being smart, to each their own.


I think the true danger is in the potential for panic and extreme reaction to the virus. I fear that could be more detrimental than the actual illness.

Yes, avoid crowded places and wash your hands… and leave some damn TP for your fellow humans. Common sense stuff.


I’m not worried.

Please read for tips on prevention. From the CDC website…


Right now I’m out getting my internet hooked up at my new house. I ain’t being quarantined without Netflix and Hulu


I’m not worried about the virus at all. But I am worried about the economy. People are losing thousands in stocks, we are months behind on production of essentials. People have bought out all the toilet paper and moved onto baby wipes. I actually have a baby so if I can’t get wipes for him that’s bullshit. And two other kids that need to eat and everything else. My sons baseball season has been postponed a month and he was so excited to start this Saturday. It’s just stupid. Freaking Ebola kills almost every person who gets it and nobody freaked out when we had that going around a couple years ago. I’d rather get coronavirus than Ebola ten times over yo


I also found this message from Jack Kornfeld helpful…


I’m not scared of getting sick. I’m 29, heathy and a home-working hermit. So… as low risk as it gets.

The panic it’s causing however… means people will do stupid shit and other people will get hurt. That is scary to me.

I’m also sick of hearing about it. For someone who tries to avoid the news, being bombarded from all corners is causing me some actual distress. I’m almost debilitated and my depression is hitting back. Even simple tasks happen after hours of me thinking about doing them.

I need something to distract me. Might try reading like… a book or something.

Oddly, I don’t feel like drinking over this. Reality is… for as long as I can remember, the headlines and newspapers have always been full of loom, gloom and end of days type headlines… Sometimes it drove me to panic attacks, others it drove me to benders. I don’t remember my hangovers and comedowns ever solving the world’s problems.


I’m worried about my mum & mother in law. Both are 75(ish) Also my mums bond (where she gets income from) lost £38000 yesterday alone.
Uncertainty’s the worst thing.


I believe it’s a good time to gauge things by the Serenity Prayer. The wisdom I’ve found…

There are things I can control. Like washing my hands, respecting personal space, and keeping my distance from others so long as it’s advised. Even though I’m healthy, it’s my part in respecting not everyone is, and this too shall pass eventually. If a recovery meeting is canceled (not mine yet), I am grateful to have here to turn to.

Anything I might fear about this I can’t control. How it spreads, disruptions to plans, what have you. So all I can do is trust in the advice of those smarter than me and do my part with acceptance that it’s the best I can do for now.

Meanwhile taking it one day at a time.



No. I am not scared. I refuse to participate in TEOTWAWKI


I’m not worried about myself. My best friend has an autoimmune disease, I do worry about her. I work in assisted living for old folks with mental health problems. I worry about them. I’m with Eke in saying I’ll do what I can and what I’m advised. And see what happens.
I’m also worried about how our governments are (not) handling this, and how the public at large reacts. Some new measures were taken here yesterday, not even that far going, not going far enough many say. Panic buying and hoarding started almost immediately. We produce our own toilet paper here and there’s plenty, but people saw it happen in Asia and Australia and copy it. That’s kind of scary.
All I can do is stay informed as well as I can. Meaning reading and looking at different news outlets and forming my own opinion and act accordingly. And stay sober and clean. That actually helps. Panicking never helped anybody.


I’ve been hearing about this freaking disease for a month before anyone else said anything about it bc of my bf and his dark web news. Showing me videos of Chinese people keeling over on the spot or being taken to quarantine in cages. I thought it was over the top exaggeration. I understand it’s in my state now but nothing near me has changed yet. I’m not trying to worry myself about what ‘could’ happen. Just trying to stay healthy so if it does reach us I can handle it. Hopefully. I remember the SARS epidemic years ago and no one here freaked out about it. Warmer months are coming and disease is usually less frequent that time of year so I feel this will run its course and be forgotten just as every other epidemic has in the past.


Not familiar with this acronym, The end of the world as we know it?


Yes…and I feel fine.


Yoda-Stevie COVID-19 Tip: if you are fortunate enough to have hand sanitizer in your car, and the car gets hot inside, be careful when you flip the lid on the bottle. You might get a small eruption.