Covered in Bruises

I’ve started bruising myself to get over my urges to cut myself. And i know its still self harm and self injury but its not serious enough to be a problem, right? I still obsessively skin pick so ill always be harming myself in a way. I wish i never started this. I dont know why but the only thing that ever helps me is to hurt myself and its so fucked up. I hope i can get over all of this soon.

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I often wonder when and where the cutting trend started. Is it a modern thing or has it been around for years?
We are hurt enough in the course of our daily lives so dont see the need to self destruct.

Hi, are you getting some professional help with self bruising and skin picking? Like DBT or talking therapy. Hopefully you could learn to redirect your brain to some more healthier coping strategies?

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Thanks for sharing. I see that as acting out. Still getting a hit. Like switching from wine to beer. Eventually the addict inside wants more and the cycle goes on again. And you are still hurting yourself @doclalonde. You’ve got bruises all over. Maybe it is progress. If it is, don’t stop progressing. You want to be clean of all of this. And you can. We’ll support you. Don’t give up.

One thing that helped me and another friend was to wear a rubber band around your wrist and when you’re stressed or feel the need. Just snap the rubber band/ponytail. It helps. I still always have one around my wrist and it’s been years. Hope this helps. Good luck. Wish you the best.


I chuckled a little when I read that @Katy_Alicia. Because that’s exactly what recovering porn addicts do when we catch ourselves lacking custody of our eyes or mind.

Yes, it is serious. Switching from one type of self harm to another doesnt make it any less of a problem. As someone who understands and has been there I’m asking you to please talk to someone about this. These things have a tendency to keep escalating to unmanageable levels. Sending love your way.

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I’ll be seeing a counselor in the fall but ive mostly been handling this alone. Ive tried the rubber band and it still doesnt work://. Thank you all for the support im trying to keep things together.

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I’m not exactly sure about everywhere but I know in Kansas that there is counseling available on an income based scale. So if you don’t have the means to pay you can still see a professional. They may not have a solo specialty in self harm but trained in the mental health field

My college actually has free counseling (luckily) so i just have to get through the summer

@doclalonde. Call your county health department if you can’t make it through the summer. They can give you the information for other help

I’ve made it 125 days and have covered my wrists in tattoos at this point to keep myself from even bruisimg. Unfortunately I had an episode and nearly broke my hand. The most disheartening thing happened with my Doctor where he saw my scars and didn’t really do anything besides ask if they were from cutting. But I guess I’m managing to stay together even if it’s getting so so difficult.

Also, it’s not a new thing at all. The brain releases endorphins when in pain so depressed people seek it out for relief. The only reason it seems new is that now people are more likely to survive as people 20 or so years ago would almost always end up killing themselves…depression is so ugly and evil like that.

Really sad, but depression is so real and so powerful.

I’ve struggled with self harm off and on since I was a teenager. I thought if i couldn’t control my emotional pain I could at least have control over physical pain by cutting. I found comfort in feeling those scabs under my clothes anytime I felt anxious. The cutting always seemed to happen while I was drunk. I was fighting depression with a depressant and it took me to a very dark place. But it always lead to regret and shame, and now I’m left with ugly scars. I’m actually thinking about getting some tattoos to cover them. Tattoos are very therapeutic for me. I get to enjoy the physical pain, and I’m left with something beautiful when it’s over.

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I have 2 tattoos, the first on covers my entire arm and its bands to represent cuts but how I’ve recovered. It also keeps me from scratching at my arm now. I got another tattoo on my other arm so I’d stop bruising myself. I love tattoos and i plan on getting more to stop this.

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