Cravings, fears and or both _ the powerful word no

That little addicted voice in my head says to drink and smoke weed. Its a walk away and both legal here in USA Massachusetts

This is the second time today it ran through my mind.
Maybe Its because I’m scared because it’s just so close by

Maybe it’s not a craving but a fear that feels like a craving

I read a bunch on here that said how regretful people have been to pick up or that people are in need of help to stop using.
Then there is my girlfriend who would be devastated if i picked up.
Everyone who worked with me would be dissapointed and i would be too

I dont know what’s going on with my head today. But i do know i love my sobriety.

I guess i need to ask myself what sobriety is worth to me which is a lot

Im not afraid to never pick up even if its the end of the world
I wouldnt want to die drunk anyway

It’s more like… Right now is it worth picking up. Which is a big NO

I have a character defect to the word no I have been working on for a while. If I get told no i push through to accept it and the more I practice that, the better i am at accepting the word no

Right now I need to tell myself no and accept it. That is what I’ll do


Great post. I just clicked on this app because the thought just crossed my mind. I was looking at pictures of people enjoying their vacations with a couple of drinks. But I know they are not like me. The thing that helps me is something that guy in AA told me. He said when you think about picking up just, “roll the tape.” Just envision every single time you have done it before and how it worked out. It’s like a movie that we know the terrible end, But for some reason we want to be a character in the beginning again. Be strong! And thank you