Cravings get me every time

I’ve been an addict for two and a half years now and I keep relapsing when I try to get clean. Someone please help me…

Hey, welcome to the forum. What kind of help are you looking for? Are you struggling with temptation right this minute and want help getting through it, or looking for help in recovery in general? Also if you tell us what your DOC is, we might be able to be more targeted with what support to give.

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I think you’re right and I kept making choices that led me back to using. Hanging out with people that smoke and offer me cigarettes. Even smelling them makes me want a smoke…I’ve been sober for two days now and withdrawals are killing me, but I’m not going to keep going down that path.

I’m under 18 so I can’t really join any programs that I know of. My brother just turned 18 and he decided to quit too, so I have some support there. He can also legally buy nicotine gum which is helpful even if it tastes terrible.

Thanks for your support

When I made this post I was getting the urge to smoke (cigs) real bad. Eventually I just gave up and smoked. But it’s been two clean days now and the craving feels less “urgent” now. Kinda seems like the calm before the storm because I want to stop using nicotine but every time I try, the craving gets so bad and I get terrible headaches. For now I’m trying to stop smoking but still keep chewing nicotine gum. And then I will work on getting clean entirely.