Customer service?

What’s good customer service? Cashier and customer opinions?

Do you mean how does one define good customer service?

Yes I do ty

Making a customer feel welcome. Greet them when they come in. Conversate w/them,and thank them for their business.

As an employee, it’s important to understand what it is you sell so that you can for serve your customers above their expectations.

Suppose you work at a gas station/store. Sure, you sell fuel, snacks and drinks, but what you really sell is convenience. Your customers want to complete their transaction as fast as possible, so ensuring the coffee is hot and fresh, or restroom is clean, or soft drink station has cups, lids, straws etc. are all examples of good customer service. Then the customer interaction is equally important, in this example, knowing how to do your job is key. As a cashier, being swift and accurate is probably highly valued. Finally, getting to know your customers; learn and use their names. Learn what they like. Does Joe Smith always buy a cup of coffee and a pack of smokes? Have the smokes waiting on the counter and coffee rang up before he gets to the counter. Little details like that will exceed your customers expectations thus creating a great customer service experience. And that’s what you strive for, creating a great experience.


I’ve done all 3, coffee, tobacco, carni, responsible seller. There is no one way to do it right.

I feel good c.s Is looking like you enjoy your job and want to be there,being friendly ie making conversation,smiling or knowing if the customer isn’t really into chatting to much, thanking them for there business and saying to have a great day/evening,also knowing information about products or if not got answer finding someone that does.

I’m really enjoying the depth and seriousness of this considerate answer! :slight_smile:

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