Daily Greeting


That’s great man. Always keep pushing. Happy to hear man things are better! Have a great workout later too!


Good Morning? Stay strong. Stay the course.


Good morning sir. How goes it?


Hello and welcome to the day!:grinning:


You’re kinda a few hours in the future, so what’s it like…:thinking:

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Nearer to Sunday than you :joy:

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I havent even had coffee yet…


Bit of a slow start for you buddy?
Kettles on. About to make wifey one. Shes ironing. I’ve just got home from work.


Yeah, slept in a little, body needs to recharge. Checking on here to see how everyones doing then on to Saturday. You should give the bride a break and tske over the ironing for her…:joy:


Best.Video.Ever. Robin Williams with complete freedom to improvise:


I do normally, have been for years. She’s been studying for her degree. And is now doing her master’s. But has taken a break until September.
It was my Tuesday evening watching netflix thing.
I’m only letting her do it because I know she misses doing it😀

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The guy is a hero. I’ll have to watch this in small doses.


Whatta guy…:facepunch:t2::sunglasses::+1:t2:


Good morning? Stay strong. Stay the course.

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Morning…1st time I’ve gotten more than 5 or 6 hours of sleep in weeks. Need to do something constructive with all this energy this morning.

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Morning guys.
Coming into the evening here. Late afternoon I suppose :sunglasses:


I’m excited for your solo camping outing Geo…living vicariously through you. I’d sooooo much love to do that. When is it again?

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Hey Tom, is it true Geoff’s going in search of RH and the merry men…:grin:

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Hahaha, very funny Chris. RH and his bunch were in Nottingham. Me, I’m off after Arthur and his bunch of merry Knights

Tom, next couple of weeks. Got a map coming tomorrow. I shall take a couple of days to plan a route. I fancy having a look at where the SAS guys do their selection. They do a thing called the Fan Dance that’s up and around Pen y Fan.
It’s the sort of thing that even if we went walking up there as a family, they would only be interested in getting up and down and then ice cream.
At least this way I can do what I want. Get some MRE food sorted. Probably looking at the next weekend that the weather looks ok. Though up there it could be totally different.:grinning:


The history of your country is incredible, I never tire of learning about it. Im wee bit jealous of your trip…:+1:t2: