Daily Greeting


I’m kinda looking forward to it. Thing is, haven’t told the boss yet. She’ll be cool. I know. Just surprised I think.


Sometimes a man’s gotta do man stuff… I used to say that as an excuse for my drinking…

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Yeah, hell she’s going on a girly trip to Budapest at Christmas


Good morning? Stay strong. Stay the course.


Good morning!

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Good afternoon.

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I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend…

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Yes sir. Thank you! The band hosted an open mic last night, and today I’ve dropped a ceiling in my house. Intentional. So the boss is happy that I’m actually working on my house, not someone else’s for a change :joy:
How about yourself?


Good morning TS

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Busy in a relaxing sorta way. Movies with the family yestersay, baseball saturday, again after the movie yesterday, a little catch with the kids. They think I do that for them, its actually for me to relive the glory days, yet I dont rememeber all this pain in them days. Between the excercise challenge and ball with the kids, Im feeling every one of my years plus a few… Good for you on the happy wife and house stuff, knights of the round table, here you come…:+1:t2::+1:t2:

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She told me she has been told by friends that she doesn’t nag enough. I said did you tell them that’s the reason I love you😂

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Afternoon :grinning:

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Goid morning? Stay strong. Stay the course.

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Hello there sir. have a grand day won’t yer now!


I hope to, although I’ll be digging holes and mixing cement so its not promising…hows yours been?


Digging holes and breaking hardcore up. So bout as good as yours will be by the end. Ha who needs the gym :grinning:

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Good morning! Now I feel like I should dig some holes today too


S’okay Tom, you go sit in your office, look out the window over the river!:joy::joy::joy:


Maybe you could smash holes in the walls…:grin:

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That sounds fun man! And it just brought back a memory. My little brother’s first car was a used yellow Mustang. But it was when mustang was putting out really bad cars and it was a pile of junk - gave us years of frustration. When the car finally died after years of trouble, my dad (who is a helluva great dad) took my brother and the mustang out into the cornfield with baseball bats and golf clubs. They wailed on it for a couple hours - then called the tow truck. @funnydad @Geo

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