Daily Greeting


Course the afternoon on staying good and strong

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Hey Chris, what do ya say we fly over and pull some shenanigans on @Geo on his backwoods camping trip? Maybe make some rustling noises and scary sounds in the background? Oh wait, he might have a weapon :sweat_smile:


Id better be careful, I’ve heard about you guys from places like Chicago and New York. I could end up with concrete for boots :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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2 Americans and a Brit go camping… sounds like something already…

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Good morning? Stay strong. Stay the course.


Im tired😑(1010)


9 hours of sleep folks. 9 freakin hours. I typically get 3-6 since sober. Imma new man today. Good day to you all


9 hours?!! Whats that like??


Haha, it’s weird! I just kept sleeping and sleeping. The coffee was more enjoyable and relaxing this AM for sure.

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I’ve just slept for 1&1/2 hours. I knew I was getting too old for this manual labour shit

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Ouch, sorry Geo. I’d give ya some of my hours if I could!


If you stop laboring youll have to join our gym…

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I know. I got home. Thought 10 mins nap. Feel fighting fit now though. Who fancies a club?

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Good morning? Stay Strong. Stay the course. Happy Mother’s Day!!


Good day good sir. Good day America! Happy mother’s Day to you too!:joy:
Ours was a couple of weeks ago but because you lot are doing it I did as well. Bought the good lady in my life a bunch of flowers!
And thought of my mum! I have a picture of her on the wall.


Happy sunday everyone!


I noticed some mothers day activity by you Brits and thought, wow!! they must really love Mothers Day to celebrate it twice. Yeah, anyway, I hope your day is going well my friend.

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Yes thanks. Mowed the lawn. Dogs walked. Lovely evening here.

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Hey folks…


Tom! How the devil are you sir!

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