Daily routines

Hello everyone! I am looking for suggestions on a daily routine that works for you? I am a retired professional company dancer and along with that went my daily routine. I wake with anxiety and fall asleep with over thinking. I want to read the big book and my other books of my choosing as well as work out, general work and my AA meetings. I am currently on day 33 of sobriety and it’s important for me for that to be my priority.

Any thoughts or guidance would be helpful!


Congrats on 33 days! That’s huge!

I imagine, since you were a dancer, you’re no stranger to being a disciplined person. And it sounds like you already know what you wanna do so … do what you listed: read the literature, go to meetings, work out, etc.

For me, initially, I had to baby step my routine until it came naturally. I also had to force myself to go to meetings especially when I didn’t want to. I certainly spent lots of time at dealers’ places so I gotta chase my recovery the same way.

Best of luck. I believe in you!


I just started bible study. Psalm 8. I enjoyed it. I have the Experiencing God Bible and it has questions in each chapter. I took time to answer. It was good for me. I haven’t done that in a while.


Congrats on 33 days.
Perhaps you could look into some guided meditations especially surrounding dealing with anxiety

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Maybe ask at your meetings if anyone works out or goes walking can gang up and have company , maybe start a dance class at your local community hall use your experience , wish you well


I need routine. If a day is easy then I can go easy through the day. If a day is difficult I have a routine to fall back to.
I start my day with a short gratitude and intention setting, then a short yoga based movement practice and a short mindfulness meditation. After that I either go out for a run or walk. I do this every day. I don’t have to think in the morning what to do. And even if I wake up anxious, depressed or whatever, I know what the next step is. My brain just needs time to boot up. When my day starts like that I get moving and I wake up properly.
My evening routine is usually an online recovery dharma meeting - unless I‘m out with friends - a short yoga based winddown and sleep meditation in bed. The same as in the morning: My mind does not have to decide anything, it can go into autopilot and stop obsessing about whatever as it knows what to do next.
I‘d suggest you try out different things in your routine. For me the basic pillars are: movement, meditation, and spirituality.


Thank you! I guess I looking for suggestions on when that’s the hard choice thank you for your suggestion:)

If the question is about specific times of the day, I have the same wake-up/go to slepp schedule almost every day. I wake up at 6:30am and got to my morning program as described above. I attend online meetings from 9-10pm, after that it’s yoga, bed and sleep meditation.
If your question is about structuring your day otherwise I am a self-employed creative and can give you suggestions what works for me with no time frames put on my day from the outside - like when you have a job from 9-5.
Good luck with your journey and share with us what works for you. It might help someone else down the line.


Thank you! I don’t have a 9-5 so this is so helpful!

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When I first got sober I didn’t have a routine. I pretty much just sat with myself. Feeling out my emotions and where I needed to be. I started going to a local church of mine in the area that does Celebrate Recovery. Faith based recovery program. For me, I wasn’t just fighting my addiction, I was fighting a spiritual battle as well. Getting into that group allowed me to be where I am now at 68 days sober, saved and forgiven, and growing. Doing that allowed me to this routine I am now in.
First thing I do right out of bed, knees to floor and pray. Bathroom, brush teeth, chug a full glass of water, and start coffee. Let my dog out and admire/listen to the nature surrounding me. Back in for coffee, read my daily devotional, journal, and read the Bible. I am somewhere quiet and uninterrupted. I read out loud so the word is coming to life. For me it helps lol. And I’m still journaling for that day on what I’m reading and how I’m receiving it. That’s what I do :blush:
And things are just becoming more a part of my routine after. I try my best to act as if Jesus is right there walking with me daily. I want to be more like him and his love. This week I just started working out again after my morning wake up and readings. I’ll keep going this way until God shows me a new path.
Again this is all just me and my experience. I pray you find your way and I’m happy you’re here. God’s love is so great, when we finally see it and allow him in.
I randomly just woke up in the middle of the night from sleep and saw this.

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Congrats for your sobriety, you can do this!

When I was drunk I was a very disciplined person: first one at the bar in the morning, specific scheme about when and where but bottles, and, finally, how to throw them at the rubbish and disguise my facts and drunkenness. This, as a recap.

Now I have also an schedule, even in non working days as today.
My day starts going to the church, but this is personal, other people starts with gym or yoga maybe. I think it is useful something spiritual.

Then it comes the physical part: I use to walk, no running, but just walk, long walking listening music or podcast.

Then maybe a coffee in starbucks or in any non alcohol stores. Read papers news, and the have lunch. After this a short nap, and probably a film or a telefilm. At evening I use to have another short walk with my wife. Of course life is easier when working. Job is health, I encourage you to look for one

Schedule is important. My goal is to avoid “blanks” with nothing to do, because these are either alcoholic traps, or regrets, or bad thoughts…who knows.

Life is easier being sober. Do not worry a lot for tomorrow but do not think it is all done. Being sober is a day by day work. In my case, being sober and being careful for this is part of my daily routine.

Kind regards. Happy 24 hours.