Dammit I got drunk

Was so close to having 7 months sober and went out and got drunk. I really thought I had this


7 months is a long time and not that long at all. Im sorry this happened.

Its good you reached out. Dont wait to start the counter again.

This should scare you for sure but you can still prevent this from being a months long relapse from hell.

What other things do you like to eat/drink? What helped you through the first month of sobriety last time?


I dont got this and I’m over 4.5 years sober. Hell I avoided one of my long time homies wedding in August, because I know what happens with them boys.

A bar is for getting drunk just the same as a barbershop is for getting hair cut, hang out in one too many times and you’ll walk out with your hair cut.

Time to saddle back up partner


Don’t beat yourself down. Just go again :muscle: If you avoid more drinking and get back to sobriety right away you will be able to put this behind you quick.

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We are all just one drink away from putting a foot back on that slippery slope, whether we have seven days, seven months or seven years. And that one drink can seem so innocuous. Back on the sobriety train, with the knowledge you always have to be on guard :purple_heart:.


Thats a saying i hate We got this im a long time sober and i aint got this , try a meeting maybe they will help wish you well


Going out can be very tricky, seems you didn’t have a safety plan. Might check yourself before you go, if on side and you notice it’s not ok just leave. Works like a charm for me, I also leave when intoxication level reaches a certain point of the people present, normally around 11pm.


I know something that has helped me tremendously is treating alcohol the same way I treat meth. One hit and I am dead. That’s it.
Do not pass go.
Do not collect 200 dollars.

The thing with alcohol is it wont kill you instantly like fet and that is where I believe a lot of relapse happens. There is no threat to death. Everyone assumes they will get another day one… TIL THE DONT.

With all that being said, I wish you strength and grace


Dont beat yourself up! Just keep trying.

Well…what happened? And what didn’t happen before then?