Damn guys good numbers. on day 4 for me

only on day 4 and the maricals are happening

im going to get a AA sponcer asap
working the steps could actually change my life. on my own i practice step 1. addmitted i was powerless over alcohol that my life has become unmanagable. every moment i will work on that. unfortunaly i still dont have a sponcer but tomarrow will be here on its own terms

on a mdrical note, my sole mate is back in my life after our intence moment due to my unmanaged drinking. we call the term list the 90 day feonsay. very ironic but if itll keep my sole mate of 10 years with me ill do it.

today the weather was bad; cold and rainy but today was good and my heart is warm


I think I’m on about 48 hours in…We can do this!

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your damn right

2 things to remember

  1. dont pick up unless its the phone
    2.enjoy the journey

Yip meetings and a sponsor will make your journey easier wish you well

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A sponsor would be a good idea

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Got back from a meeting

4 days cleared
Day 5

Yes i need a sponcer asap