Day 1 again and again and again

I feel like I’ve lost this battle. Been trying so hard to make moderation work, but never succeeding.


Welcome back :blush:

If moderation isn’t working for you then you’re probably in the right place! What’s the plan for today?

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Be sober today


That sounds like a good plan! Good for you for getting back to it :heart:


F*** moderation. It doesn’t work.

Glad you are back and trying. Today is a good day to be sober.


I’m so glad to see you again.

Sadly moderation only works for people who don’t even have to think about moderation. Know what I mean? The simple fact that we even try to moderate or think sI much about moderation means that moderation is not for us.

Check in as often as you need. We’re here for you.


I have tried to moderate my drinking too. It didn’t work out. You are in the right place! Welcome!


This is my plan today, too. :bird:


2 thoughts. 1) The vietnamese lost almost every battle in the Vietnam war…but they won the war. Keep fighting, and you will win this war. 2) Moderation is like a mouse trap…and you are the mouse and alcoholism is the trap. No matter how you approach that piece of cheese, you will spring the trap. There is no way to get that piece of cheese successfully. The only way to beat the trap…walk away from it and find a different source of food.


I’m sorry you have been struggling. You will always be welcome here. It’s nice to see you back.
I’m glad you’ve realized moderation won’t work. Maybe now you can take sobriety one day at a time, and see how that goes. It won’t be easy, especially at the beginning, and I know you know that. I promise it will be worth it, though.


Wow! @Spartan_Chris, I’ve heard about you. People have missed you here. Welcome back!

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So with you here on moderation thing - I just got through day 1 - a little up and down but followed a lot of the awesome advice from here which helps. X


I thought moderation would work too. I told my self that every friday and sat. was ok. Then sunday was ok because of sports. Then well then one day in the week, and then it turned into every other day of the week plus weekends. I knew when i couldn’t physically control it, that i couldn’t moderate it. It’s piss or get off the pot! Don’t give up on today. Be sober, be positive, and hold that through. 1 day at a time!