Day 1 Again Repeat

Well looks like I’m right back here on day 1. I have been trying really hard to kick the habit of working 12 shifts coming home and next thing I know I’m reaching for a drink :tumbler_glass:. :pensive:

Same with me. I believe in your success

I’m only in day 4 now myself and I think and worry about if I’m going to relapse and how shitty I will feel. I’m trying to come to realize that although I don’t want to relapse it is possible. Also I’m putting it in my head that if I do I’m going to keep fighting the good fight. Don’t be down on yourself, pick yourself up and start this brand new day, accept the challenge, smile and fight again :hugs:, we got this!


Don’t think about relapsing and don’t think that you will or that it is possible because you are wiring your brain already for the next relapse. I did this too in the past but now I’m focusing and putting all my strength and power into my sobriety. The most important part in the beginning is to go to bed sober. I started to fight for my sobriety with every single tool and force I have. I don’t ever take it for granted but I just don’t know if I will have the energy to stand up after a relapse because it really drains all the energy mentally and physically. I wish you all the best @NotAfraid


Quick question… How hard is trying hard.
Just stopping drinking is more than often not enough!
Have a good read around on here, you will find that there is a lot more to getting sober than abstinence alone.


All good thoughts! I’m up and down. I continue to focus on sobriety not relapse. Each day I get that challenge. Do I drink then regret it or Not drink and keep fighting!


Or …
I would rather go through life sober, believing I’m an alcoholic, than to go through life drunk, trying to convince myself that I’m not.



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I love this outlook!

YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Half the battle is realizing what you’re any for yourself and you’re already there!

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Let’s do this :laughing:

I agree. I think I would rather not drink and go through life believing I have a problem than drink and not remember some of my life because of over drinking. I made it through my first day and I’m working on my second and so far feel good but when does that voice in my head shut up and stop thinking about having a drink. :pleading_face:


Hey Liz. Hope you’re still around.
How are you.
I don’t think the voice ever really goes away. We just learn to ignore it. Along with all the other voices of self doubt.

Life can get busy but you are right. That voice never goes away in your head. Time to focus on what’s important.

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Use your relapse as a learning tool so you know what signs to look for.The next step after realizing the signs is loving yourself and having enough confidence in yourself to be strong and fight the urge fight everyday for your life cuz that’s exactly what your doing but if you don’t love yourself and build that confidence within yourself this can be really difficult.

Were programmed our brains into these ways so we can deprogram outta them,I know how extemly hard that can be when first starting out ,but after we start getting past those days/evenings where we would reach for our doc it’s gives us confidence to do it again and again until we’re much happier without it in our lives .it will always be a struggle at times doesn’t matter if it’s a week,month,year we programmed ourselves so well but,there is hope there is another way .don’t to to harsh on yourself each day we learn and gather new tools

Yeah, just focus on life. Enjoying it as much as you can.

I did not ajain, I drank and woke up with regret. I’m going to try again. Hopefully I can get it right this time :pensive:

Not hope. Too ambiguous!
I’m gong too…I will do…
More affirmative.