Day 1.....Again

Went to a holiday party last night. Told myself “just 1 won’t hurt”. Now I’m laying here hungover, feeling like a complete failure. This is so hard.


Welcome Shane. Yes, it is hard. But you learn and you keep trying. Use the tools you have and add more if you need them. You can do this. Sending strength and love.


I’m also on day one again……something I’m starting to realize is I can’t keep being around it everyday. I have to figure out how to change that.


This is hard! Today is a new day, hope you feel better!


How integrated into your daily routine are your efforts? I found through trial & error that you basically have to be on “night watch” 24/7 with regards to your efforts or you are going to have errors. Good to learn from but a slippery sloap!


Thanks everyone, getting through the day, slowly starting to feel better physically and trying to forgive myself and get through the mental stuff.


@Shane21 and @Jennx focus more on the fact that you’ve learned that whatever the excuse/reason you told yourself or situation you were in that caused you a need to numb, or what ever other reason it was that challenged your ability to stay sober and healthy, was a complete lie… Deceitful and harmful lie.

It didn’t take away the pain… Infact it likely compounded those feelings today. The relief that is felt is VERY short term, but then that pain returns immediately, adding to it the extra shame, guilt, physical ailments that come with it.

But the focus is that you chose to return and try again instead of give up. You again chose you, hopefully learning from this slip. If you are unsure why it happened, take some time to investigate what was going on for you both leading up to this one. It’ll help you grow stronger in your ability to say no next time.

Let go of the poor decision and focus on the renewed hope and the great decision to keep moving forward with your best interest at heart.

Also… Welcome to the TS community and thank you for being vulnerable in sharing with this community. It takes so much to own up to our mistakes.


Maybe try another way to stay sober dont know if youve tried meetings they helped me stay sober wish you well


You can always start over. Keep checking in with us, we are here for you.


Here it all start, your alcoholic brain saying lying stuff to you.
Now you know 1 does hurd…a lot.
Been there, done that, so I know how you feel believe me. But you can learn from this relapse, it learned you can not have just one. Like I can’t either.

For me in the beginning of my recovery I avoided all alcohol related pleople, places and events for 3 months ore so. It gave my body and mind time to rebuilt a life without alcohol and being a bit more stronger to say no to it.

Glad you stick around and shared.
Welcome on your day 1 :confetti_ball:


I was on day one 5 days ago. I stayed home 3 days feeling like hell. Yesterday I got out and hiked. Got my head clear.
I’m still new at sharing so my words are hard to say.
I beat myself up when I stumble. So if you’re doing that get outside and breathe.


Welcome to the forum (and @Jennx as well). I hope this community will be useful to you as you work on your sobriety.

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