Day 1 Alcohol Renunciation

I’m on day one of my “alcohol free” day a part of my “spiritual retreat” journey. Commiting to 90 days of no alcohol abuse through mindfulness and compassion meditation precepts. The journey is a sole one and it feels difficult as I’m surrounded by triggers and “testing” situations and people. I feel like my past drunk blackouts are on public display and sometimes wonder if people around me are there to help or not. I feel that this place may be a trusted “sangha” or family that may be here as good support and encouragement and I aspire to be the same for all on here too. xx


Hey Michael, welcome to this forum. This forum is a judgement free zone. You can tell anything on here and we won’t judge, because all of us have doen things we’re not proud of.
If you have questions, feel free to ask, because we all want to help


Thanks so much for the insight and encouragement Allen. Very much welcome and appreciated!

Thanks very much Dutchy

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Good job setting your goals and making a commitment.

90 days is a good hill to climb. You can do it. Your addiction might try to tell you maybe around day 4 or 7 that you deserve a drink for doing a good job, but dont listen to it. And when you feel like 90 is impossible, just focus on getting through each hour. The bad urges pass.

If you haven’t already, you’re gonna figure out who your friends are, definitely. The people here are really helpful. And everybody just wants everybody else to win this thing.

Read around the pages here. There are some scarred up survivors and their stories are invaluable.

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