Day 1 all over again for the 100th time

Day 1 again for the 100th time, yesterday was a real bad day I was so drunk that when I woke up this morning my son told me that the police had brought me home because someone called about a drunk woman that almost got hit by cars twice, hours later a man died in a motorcycle accident right there where I was picked up I didn’t remember anything at all I know because my son told me. It makes me so sad I don’t know how to stop like I try and try but keep failing I can’t live like this anymore.


What things are you doing to try and stay sober?


This app helps and I have done AA but that’s pretty much it

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Its a scary reminder how out of control our addiction can be. The four horsemen upon awakening from oblivion should be a sign the terror, bewilderment, frustration, and despair was an ever present occurrence when i was active in my addictions. Could be anyone of us who was killed there on that street. Id say its time to really put some work into your recovery, glad you made it out of that one and are back here to check in.:pray:


Thank you! So true

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Both good starts. My primary tools, but it never hurts to add more to your toolbox


Me too, I did 1 meeting a week and AA didn’t keep me sober like it said on the packet. Then I went to at least 3 meetings a week, got a sponsor, got a big book, worked the 12 steps and now help other people on a daily basis. Now I’m not saying it’s do AA or die but the one thing I learnt was no matter what route I took I had to work for my sobriety, I had to live and breathe recovery 24 hours a day in fact I still do but it’s just second nature now. When people start dying around you it’s normally a sign from the powers that be to start taking shit seriously, we just gotta stay sober long enough to see what’s in front of us.


Effort and desire if you have these you should have a good chance of sobriety .maybe try a meeting again .sobriety just dosnt come to you you have to make a decision that you want to be sober wish you well