Day # 1 checking in

Feel disgusted with myself Realy can’t or don’t even want too look in the mirror,physically my body is a wreck I’m sleepy,i want too go home but I’m at work until the a.m (slightly hungover) Realy could without that part,so there’s my daily everybody have a blessed day.


Hey, you have that thought that you “could really do without this”
So do it!
There is a quote that comes up on the counter quite often-
“If you can dream it you can do it”
Another way is "if you can think it you can do it!’

Only you have the power to make the difference in your live.
So. Use all the disgust at yourself, all the negative feeling you have for yourself as energy to power yourself out of where you find yourself.
Make the decision and let nothing stand in your way.
Then you will be able to spend a shift at work without regret and you will also be able to look in the mirror.


Thanks for that.

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I have my last day one today. Next time im pretty sure i would get seriously hurt. Maybe “wake up” in a coffin. Feel free to messages me - then we can pull through this together, i feel alone.

we often think we’ve hit rock bottom then low and behold life surprise us and we sink even further. But that pit is not bottomless and one day we find our feet, this is the day we get the strength to slowly but surely manage to claw our way out. Its a deep learning curve and as long as we never stop crawling we will make it out. That’s the day we can turn around and look back into that pit, turns out it wasn’t that deep after all, it was about 6 feet, we had just escaped our grave. All that time we spent crawling about and after all that we only had to stand up and make the jump.

Super disappointed in myself. Had over 2 months in…relapsed over the weekend. I have a friend who has gotten me into rehab in NB. Ive never done rehab before so I am totally open to the process. I need some outside help and I am fortunate enough to have someone who cared enough to get it for me. So now, i am isolating at home until I detox and get my call to go! Wish me luck!! Im nervous!


Good luck, it’s bound to be nervous you know your making the right choice though, well done. That takes courage.

Wish you all the best on your journey,:heart: