Day 1 nicotine free

Hey guys, I’ve been clean from pills for a month and I quit nicotine yesterday too, Everytime I try to quit my chest starts hurting a lot and I can’t breathe but this time I plan on tackling it. Any advice would help, thanks


Congrats on the month! This forum is very helpful, have you searched for any nicotine feeds?

I quit smoking before and at first I’ll be honest you feel like garbage

Your chest hurts, you cough more, shit your lungs hurt. It takes about a week to get over the hump, your body and lungs will thank you

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Hey, thank you so much. No I haven’t checked any nicotine feeds I’m still figuring out the different function available in the app, I will check them out for sure!


I quit nicotine after 10 years (smoked a pack or more a day from age 16-27, I’m 38 now). Side effects of quitting was weight gain, and inability to sleep properly for a month. The biggest thing for me, in retrospect, was letting go of the aspect of myself that identified as a smoker. Once that was no longer part of my self image, it became easier.

What helped me to quit was a mental trick of just “putting off” having a cigarette. I remember vividly of finishing dinner at a restaurant and instead of lighting up, saying to myself “I’ll just drive home and have one then”. And then I get home and told myself “I’ll just work a bit and then have one”. And later I said “I’ll just go to sleep and have one in the morning”. And so on. A friend came to visit a week later (he knew I had stopped smoking), and was surprised to notice I still had a half pack lying around. I guess I hadn’t noticed.

If you can let go of the part in you that identifies as a smoker, then the rest will follow!

Hope this helps you in your journey :slight_smile:

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Hey, yes I agree my chest has been hurting a lot the only thing pressurizing me to go back to smoking is college. I’m in my third year of college and we’ve been getting way too many tests and assignments which is hard to keep up with.

Hey thank you so much I will surely try this out.

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Way to go on beating ur addictions! I quit smoking cigarettes alittle over 11 years ago. Initially my chest hurt and I coughed up alot of crap :frowning: it does get better. I promise u :slight_smile: took me awhile tho. I smoked for 10 years (so not as long as some)… but I feel like it took me about a mth or so before my chest cleared alot of that stuff out. Can’t quite remember. I did use the nicorette step down system and nicorette gum to quit. Best decision I made other than quitting drugs of course. Keep at it!

If you take the time you would spend smoking that cig, and put it towards your assignment you will make progress

Like I don’t smoke inside my house, that’s 5 minutes give it take to go do the deed.

If you smoke a pack a day that’s an hour of extra time, even if you bit at those assignments and studies in those 5 min blocks it will show progress

My problem is the great escape, like ok it breaks up the monotony of the day, it stops the chaos and let’s me escape for 5 minutes, to me smoking isn’t about a need, it’s about an escape if I can find that elsewhere I can check out

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