Day 1 of being binge free

I’m so done with binge eating. And today I’ve finally decided to stop.

I genuinely don’t know if I’ll ever actually manage stop or not, but I’ll do my best. My first goal is to go a full week without bingeing, wich is something I haven’t been able to do in a very long time (I’ve struggled with binge eating for about 6 years, but I don’t think it has ever been this bad).

I’ve seen many people say that binge eating is when you eat over a certain calorie limit, but I don’t agree with that. To me, bingeing is when you lose control over how much you eat, no matter if it you end up eating a lot or a ‘normal’ amount.

I’ll post once a day for my own motivation, and if anyone with the same struggle is reading this I wish you the best of luck and I hope this might motivate you as well. You can do it!

That’s it for this time.


Congratulations on wanting to make this change. Its such an awful vicious cycle. I have struggled with it. It got really bad when I first got clean from drugs. I had no healthy coping skills to deal with my intense emotions. Stress, emotions, being tired etc were all things that caused me to binge. I thought at that time i needed food to cope, that it was a fix to my emotional distress. Yet after bingeing i felt even worse. Idk if u can relate to that. I do agree with you that going over calories isnt necessarily bingeing. At least for me it isnt. I can overeat and go over my alotted calories for the day but its not necessarily bingeing. It depends what im using food for. Binge eating for me is when i try to “fix” my distress with food. Im basically using food for the wrong reasons. It has gotten better. I sort of have a step by step plan of what i do when i get that urge to binge. Maybe writing something down would help for u aswell :slight_smile: just a thought. Keep posting and checking in with us all. Take it one day at a time :slight_smile: u got this!

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I think my binge eating also started when I tried to cope with stress and other negative emotions. But when I began to feel better and less stressed, I kept binge eating, and now it’s kinda just a bad habbit that I can’t seem to get rid of.

And yes, it’s a great idea of having a plan what to do when I get an urge. I’ve actually not thought about that, and when i feel like I need to binge I just improvise.

Thank you! I wish you too the best of luck!

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