Day 1 of my journey 💪

Today is my first day of sobriety, I am a mother of two children & will be 32 this year. I have come to terms that I have a problem and want to better myself for myself and my children. I have tried cutting back, and stopping but usually only make it a few weeks.

I’m ready and willing to finally make this journey , are there any advice trips or tricks any of you wonderful people can give me, I do not want to fail :heart:


Welcome to TS Kacialyn! :tada:

I have found replacement therapy to work for me, so far. I’ve replaced the sensation of a beer can in my hand with a can of sparkling water. Again, for me it’s worked so far.


Welcome! You are hardly the only mother here. I’m so glad you’re here. Addiction is a family disease. You will all benefit. My family has done nothing but get incrementally better with every sober day, month, and year. When people help you and you feel small and weak, remember that we all had a day 1 and probably quite a few of them. I know I did.

Welcome, welcome, welcome. :heart::hugs::heart:


Welcome. I started by being active here. Reading, participating, listening. I eventually ended up in AA.


I got a prescription for Antabuse from my doctor. It makes you feel like you have a horrible hangover and headache if you drink just a couple of drinks. It has allowed me to make it so drinking wasn’t an option regardless of the situation. Once you have taken it for a week or so the effects last a couple of weeks longer so you can take it during a time of strength and it can carry you through the tough times. Even if you decide to drink again you have to make a consious decision to stop taking it for quite some time before it becomes pleasurable again. That doesn’t mean I haven’t made that decision before (i.e.I have rewarded myself for being so good for a week that I stop taking it and relapse) but it puts the conditions in place for you to be successful.

What has helped me is connecting with other people in recovery—online and in person. I started out doing zoom meetings in NA and then branched out to in person meetings.

Hun only thing I can tell you is work steps go to meetings get a sponsor an when I feel some type of way talk about it exposeing it heals you n helps u an no matter what don’t use or drink anything it’s hard it’s not gonna be easy but I promise it will be worth it ill pray for u n if u need to talk hit me up ill listen n help u all I can I wanna see you do this cause your worth it n deserve it

You’re in the right place! This app and community will help you, support you, not judge you, and will be here to listen to you. Feel free to tell your story, let out your feelings, and ask any questions on your mind. Your posts and questions with undoubtedly help others too!