Day 1 of Sobriety: Feeling Empty

I hate this. I’m not ok.

Beginning is hard. But it Will become easier. Your Life Will get a milloin Times better and you Will Be happy


I cried through most of my first week. I felt terrible, I was dealing with huge amounts of shame, and I had no idea how to live sober. I just felt broken. But - after about the first five days, every one since has been better and better. The initial suck is so worth the happiness ahead of you. Glad you found this forum. Stick around!


It is so hard. It’s do-able though, and you’re not alone!

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It gets easier! You will be okay, you’re not alone. We can get through this together! You already made a huge step.


I hated myself and everyone my first week. I also felt empty and alone. I just hated everything, but fighting through is worth it! Getting to a year sobriety is worth it! Getting through one day is worth it! You just gotta keep going gotta keep fighting! Keep your head up we’re all here for ya! PM me if you wanna talk! I’m here for ya!


Please have a look at a book “how to quit without feeling shit”. Literally saved my life and sanity. I took a few supplements before my last attempt to get sober and results were amazing. This heavy yet empty feeling disappeared in days . all the best


Anxiety shoots up, depression can shoot up, feelings of isolation and a sense of being lost…all of these thing can can up because you are suddenly depleting your body of a substance it’s automatically used to.

I promise it does get better as time goes on. Use this forum for support, check in as much as you need to. Stay strong.


I’m having a rough night too, but I know I’ll make it through. Just find your HP and breathe.


I found reading through a lot of threads here plus lots of how I got sober books occupied my mind and educated me a bit in the early days. And yes, it sucked terribly…so anxious jumping out of my skin, felt terrible. The early times are hard for sure. I rested as much as possible, was a hermit mostly, drank a lot of water and ate a lot of ice cream.

It DOES get better with time. Focus on getting thru today, which is doable.


I’m with you. Day 1 here as well. Stay strong.


I hated it too. The only thing I hated more was myself. I kept going to aa meetings cause those goobers said it would get better. Eventually I did, a little at a time, one long day after another. Hang in there. It’s gets worse before it gets better, but it’s worth it. Wouldn’t trade it, even to remove my heartaches.