Day 10 and Feeling Great

It’s been a really good ten days. Once I decided to stop once again it was smooth sailing (so far :wink:).

I really do enjoy just about everything about the world more when I’m a non-drinker. Really makes me shake my head at the me that decided against sobriety.

He may be back at some point but hopefully these great feeling days will be fresh in memory to help him get back on track ASAP if that does occur.


Congrats on 10 days!! The hardest part for me was the first few weeks and getting over my fear of sobriety. Then I had that same realization that a lot of things are a lot better and/or easier when you’re sober. I slowly but surely found that pretty much all of my fears were unfounded and I haven’t looked back since.

Keep up the hard work friend!

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I had more than three years sober from 2015-19 so the fear or the new thankfully isn’t a thing here.

Ah well there you go, you’re not a newbie! Haha