Day 10, but also a much bigger milestone

One of my oldest friend’s wedding was this weekend and I was a groomsman. I made it through the rehearsal Friday and the wedding Saturday without a drop of alcohol. It’s getting easier and easier to resist, but I’m feeling the physical effects of my body healing, and at times it’s unpleasant. I haven’t been a heavy drinker in over 10 years, but I have been a steady, almost daily beer drinker. I do miss the taste of a good craft beer, but I’ve found a solid non alcoholic alternative, and it helps scratch that itch from time to time. Is non-alcoholic beer cheating? I know it has a negligible amount of alcohol in it, but certainly not enough to feel any effects. Anyway, I’m just really pleased that I was able to be in a wedding and actually have fun without alcohol, I think this is a big step for me.

As an aside, I have noticed my dreams are way more vivid, they’re not all bad but some seem to be a manifestation of the stresses in my life, but last night I did not sleep well at all. I’m running on fumes today, hopefully I’ll be able to get some proper sleep tonight.


I’ve gone 10 fulls days also (sober October). Feels great. Keep up the good work.

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Congrats on 10 days and a successful wedding experience! You can use the search tool for “non-alcoholic beer” and you will find more info and opinions than you could ever hope to get through. The bottom line is: It’s a personal choice. It tends to be more triggering for me, as a beer drinker and the cost isn’t worth it to me.